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Did I make a mistake in seasoning my new humidor?

Last night I attempted to season my new humidor. I used distilled water and a new sponge and damped all the wood twice, waiting an hour between wettings. I then put in the XIKAR humidification tray that had been filled with XIKAR solution and closed it up for the night. I forgot to put in a bowl of distilled water to let it sit for 24 hours as most sites recommend. Can I go back and so this evening? Have I made a serious mistake?

Also, some sites recommend wiping down the box again after letting it sit with the bowl of water. Is this needed? No two sites/youtube videos seem to agree completely on the best way to season a humidor.

Thanks for any comments/help!
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Read this very recent thread that has pointers on humidor seasoning.

Personally, I would NEVER wipe the inside of my humidor with a wet sponge. From my viewpoint, yes, you made a mistake. With that being said, a lot of people use this method to season a humidor. If it works, it works. I would say to keep doing what you're doing. If it works then you are okay. If not, you could start over. The worst that can happen is you warp the humidor liner. I think you're okay.

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I would think you are okay... I seasoned my first humidor with a couple of shot glasses. without spraying or wiping the humidor it will take a week or two for the wood to completely saturate. I have never sprayed or wiped. But seeing as you have and if you have the humidor maintaining humidity with no mold growth... then you should be fine. As far as maintaining from there I would recommend water pillows. That is a brand name they last 45 days and are rechargeable in less than 30 seconds.
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Agreed, never clean a humidor with a sponge.

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Thanks for the tips looking forward to hooking my humidor up I learned a lot guys.
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Check this out alrdye. As long as your sponge wasn't soaking wet when doing it, then your doing it right! By the time you're done you should already have drying streaks. Good Luck! And check out my humidor I just posted.
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