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Anyone from San Fransisco?

I've never been to California, I live a sheltered life I guess. But I'm heading down there the week of Aug 20th-25th for some JBoss training. Anyone near by that wants to get together and smoke a few cigars? Or any recommendations for any must see attractions, cigar related or otherwise?

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I know Axegod from this forum lives out that way. Maybe send him a pm and see what he has going on.
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so does that mean NO one thats on the thread lives in san fran? Crazy. That only means that I need to get more people around this area smoking cigars. If there is someone out there PM me. I would like to meet up and smoke a couple. There are 2 cigar bars that I know of in SF that would be great to go to. A night away from the wife would be nice. ha
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fransisco, san

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