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Arturo Fuente Curly Head - Cameroon Wrapper

After reading reviews on how good this cigar is for the money, I decided to try a few out for myself. I wasn't at all impressed.

Size: 6x43
Price: $2.50 at cigar.com but can be found for as little as $1.25 elsewhere (sorry guys, this is one of the exceptions where your price is a bit more than others)

Accompanied with a Starbucks Mocha Frappucinno from the bottle, not from the actual Starbucks, the quality has gone downhill in my area.

Overall Appearance: 13/20 - a rough and veiny wrapper. Cigar is somewhat spongy but cap construction is ok. Hey, what do you expect for a cheap cigar? A band or something?!?

Lighting & Burning Properties: 9/15 - started burning uneven about halfway through & only got worse. Needed 4 relights. White, semi-solid ash w/some crumble as well.

Construction: 25/30. The wrapper stayed intact, I guess that's a good thing. Truly an ugly cigar that obviously isn't rolled by the masters, but everybody's gotta start somewhere. Like I said, what do you expect from a cheap cigar? (yes, a CHEAP cigar, not an inexpensive one - please see the "Holy Corojo.. Label" thread to see what I mean).

Taste: 25/35 - Fair is about all I'll say. Got bitter about 2/3 - 3/4 the way through. This one is finished by the time it hits the band. Oh, wait a minute... there is no band.... A bit harsh where the band SHOULD be, somewhat bland.

Total: 72 - I guess this is a fair rating if you get it for $1.25/stick but not worth the 2.50 I paid at CCOM or my local shop.

Value: 2 stars out of 5 - good for filling empty space in a humidor so you can regulate the humidity and not dry out your cigars that are actually worth smoking. But then you would be left with a bunch of cigars you'll never smoke taking up space. Not to worry, these are great for passing out to guests. And I don't mean your real friends, I'm talking those annoying acquantances and relatives that don't know a real cigar from a bottlerocket Think about it, you can get rid of the junk you don't want and still look like a good guy in the process.

Comments: What haven't I already said. I guess it's ok at $1.25/stick but not much more. All of the House Brands are much better and sell for the same price at CCOM. Truthfully, even at $1.25/stick, I'd rather spend $2.50 for the Corojo Label and actually ENJOY what I'm smoking. Save this for mowing the lawn or other outdoor chores.
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I kinda agree with your review on the Curly Head. I had almost the same experience with my cigar as well (about 2 years ago).
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Glad I read this before I bought any. I have smoked the curly head deluxe and enjoyed many of them. I've also got a few of the deluxe maduros- but haven't tried them yet.
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