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padron fumas

i smoked a H. Uppman 2000 earlier and would have rather taken a turd from the toilet and lit her up. Now i partly blame this on the cigar being way over humidified. I have taken a puff from a friends 2000 on the golf course and been fine with it. the point of the story is i decided when i got home i would burn a '64 anniversary padron.
warning: i may be slightly partial to padron, and may also be a padron addict....
on the other side of the cedar from my stack of '64s was a pair of fumas. i thought well it can't be bad its just short filler from all of my favorites. This cigar actually turned out to be very good. the ash held 2 1/2 inches which shocked me. the main reason i liked this cigar is that it had all of my favorite padron flavors.... all of them twice. this cigar changes flavors like madonna changes religions. tomorrow i will buy 2 boxes... one to smoke and one to age to see what might happen. this cigar is a little more mild than any of the others in the padron line, which is why ill be pushing it on my friends who weren't big on padron before.
i would give it an 8 based on the fact that it only costs $2, changes flavor often, and lasts a while.
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If you like padron it is an excellent smoke.

Alchohol, Tobacco, & Firearms sounds like a better retail store then regulatory agency.

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Being a lover of Padron, I try to keep a box of Fuma, a box of 2000, and 1/2 box of 3000, and a 1/2 box of Churchill- in my Humi's all of the time.
This puts my average cost per smoke @ $2.75 per Padron.If I smoke 100 per month- a reasonable cigar budget.
I fine the above Padron line to be most consistent in product for taste and burn qualities- lenght of smoke.It just fits my taste and needs.
I don't spend money to flash my ego.
I value performance not money spent.
For example, a co-worker wanted to buy a Lexus. I recommended that he test drive a Toyota Avalon and compare.
He agreed that the Avalon was a luxury drive- like Lexus, and purchased the Avalon. he saved over $20,000. The label did not say Lexus and he did give up some features but not worth 20K.
Happy guy every month he writes a car payment.
In conclusion,I would with respect read Padron the riot act.They are too cheap for their lower lines.
When the Old Man goes, I predict a change upward in pricing.
In local mom & pop stores in Miami, one can buy Fumas for $.80 each, but only four at a time.Take it to the bank.
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Re: padron fumas

Originally Posted by bildo792
I have taken a puff from a friends 2000 on the golf course and been fine with it.
Is that what they mean by herfing? Not that there is anything wrong with that.
Veggies are what food eats, wheres the beef?
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