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I am a complete newbie. I've smoked 3 cigars and love the experience, especially with a good barleywine or cognac!!

My daughter in law brought back a Mauduro from mexico, that I really enjoyed. Since then I bought 2 Ashe's, which I also liked.....I think I'm hooked.

Ive done some reading and I think I understand the basics. I'm looking at smoking 3 to 4 a week. $3.00 to $5.00 ea.

Of course there is the humidor.....this could get spendy could'nt it??

I'm going to the local cigar shop Saturday morning and pick up a few...although I also like the Idea of ordering from cigar.com.

I guess I'm looking for some advice.

I'm on a homebrewing board and I know that newbies can be a pain, but I thank you in advance for any help you can give!!
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there are lots of smokes in that price range that are good. Most of the posts here talk about smokes in that range. I would try the Padron 2000 or 3000
Most people really enjoy the padron line.
If you want to be able to store sticks then you will need to get a humidor. You don't have to spend too much money on one. i would say you could start off no problem with a 25 count humidor. It would best to purchase one online, i have never seen very low prices on humidors in local shops. Some sites even have pretty good packages set up where you get some sampler cigars with the humidor. As for shopping online don't shop at thomsons if it can be avoided. Not once i have seen a positive review of their company.
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I agree--humidors online seem to be the best bet as far as pricing. I was starting up again last year and got a new humidor on ebay that seems to hold about 30-50 sticks, depending on size and it was around $40. Nothing fancy, but it works just fine! You don't have to spend a ton of money on a humidor to start, but in my limited experience, I'd recommend investing in a reasonably good digital hygrometer. The analog one that came with my humidor was a piece of junk!!

Personally, I haven't done a ton of pricing online, but I like cigar.com because as a relative newbie, I can buy singles rather than commit to a whole box. And it is definitely cheaper than buying at my local store, although I go there from time to time for some good recommendations.

Personally, I like CAO and Oliva for the maduro style but again, I don't smoke nearly as much as many of the people here (although I wish I could).

Good luck and good smokin'!
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I agree with Woodgirl on this one. Ordering online anymore, especially from cigar.com is quite safe and things arrive well protected, not to mention the savings. Again, it's nice because on cigar.com, you can quickly get addicted to ordering singles from brands you are curious about. It's definately a good idea to figure out what you like before going for a whole box. THere are so many great brands out there and interested combinations and sizes why stop at one brand? Welcome to the forums!
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do not spend much money on a first time humidor. if you get into it you will outgrow it very soon. i wish i had bought a bigger one. might have to just buy another to store more cigars. right now i just got a bunch in an ice chest in a plastic bag.
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Welcome Hoppy. Perhaps you will lend your expertise on Spiritus Fermenti and teach us a few more things about beer. I've had a couple great home brewed items and we're always interested in hearing discussions about good beer, no matter who brewed it.
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Hi there, welcome to the board!

I've always had a warm spot for cigars from a young age, but it wasn't till last year that I did something about it and bought a humidor and some nice cigars to put in it.

As for a humidor, have a look on ebay - mine cost me 30, holds 75 big cigars, and has a humidification device and a hygrometer, its also furnished in a lovely spanish cedar wood - a real bargain! However, I did buy a digital hygrometer but kept the one that came with the box for decorative purposes!

As for cigars, try a Montecristo #3, its lovely creamy smoke and was one of my first cigars that I found very easy to smoke and enjoy. Have a look around on cigar.com - they offer excellent service, even to me all the way over here in the UK. Buy some of the sampler packs - I've heard good things about the Cuban label.

Other things you should buy - sharp cutter and a butane lighter.

Then all you have to do is sit back, relax, light up your favorite cigar, and an average day has just become an excellent day!

Just my thoughts...!

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Welcome, I too am new! My advice for what it is worth, look into joining cigar.com cigar club. You get different cigars each month. My favorite, as of now, maduro CAO MX2. Good starter humi arcylic jar with humidifer about $15.00.
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Thanks to you all for the great advice!!

I'm ready to submit my first order to Cigar.com, and I've got my eye on a humidor.

I do have a few more questions, but Ill start another thread.

Thanks again!!
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