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First cigar experience, what should I take away from it?

Finally had a chance to smoke one of my cigars at poker last night . I brought the cigar.com purple label torpedo and my friends both tried out the Cusano 18. Excuse me if I don't use the right terminology. Hopefully you guys can figure out what I'm trying to say, and tell me the right terminology.

Forgot my cigar cutter at home so I just lopped off a little bit of the end with my Sebenza . Read the sticky on lighting cigars, followed those directions. Tested the draw before lighting up, seemed good. But after lighting the draw was really tight. I had to suck pretty hard on it . But a little before the cigar band the draw opened up nicely and I was able to get some nice puffs. Is this me or the cigar?

While I enjoyed smoking a cigar hanging out with friends. The purple label wasn't that enjoyable taste wise. There wasn't anything there for me to taste,I thought it was rather bland. I guess it's too mild for my tastes?

I had a puff of the Cusano 18. It seemed like what I was expecting from a cigar. Nice draw, flavors to figure out and enjoy, seemed to burn better than the purple label. Definitely worth the extra ~$2 over the purple label. Glad I bought some of those also.
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I had to suck pretty hard on it .

That's what she said! :P

I can't comment on the purple label, but I really like the Cusano 18 myself.
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I knew I was leaving myself open. But I couldn't think of another way to put it. Believe me I tried
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Your draw problems may have been the result of not cutting all of the cap off or from not using decent cigar cutters. If that's not the reason then it is down to the cigar being rolled too tight. I believe this happens to the odd cigar - try another one and see if you have the same problem. I myself have never had a purple label, but the C18 is a lovely cigar. Nice creamy smoke and complex flavour and probably right up your alley if you are new to the cigar game.

You might also like to try a Cusano C10, Montecristo #3, or maybe a La Aroma de Cuba. There are plenty of cigars out there, try as many as you can!
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It happens - cigars being rolled to tight.

They are a hand made product (for the most part)
& well it happens.

My advise in this - always clip a cigar and check the draw before heading out for the night.
You can reverse a cigar and draw on it and watch the side bend in if you don't want to pre'cut it. But I prefer to cut and check the draw if heading out for the night.
Nothing worse than being pumped up for a nice smoke and finding it plugged.

As for flavor - that is something we all go through.
Learning what we like is part of the adventure.

Also they do make pokers for tight cigars.
(basically a long metal rod (like and ice pick)
when I do find a cigar with a bad draw I will insert the cigar poker
& leave it over night)

A second thought - if your humidity is to high in your humidor
often a cigar will be hard to draw and loss flavor.
Maybe I should say the flavors become muted.
Drpping the RH will often correct this problem.
I keep my cigars at 63-65% tops.
I find the taste better and smoke better.

Hope this helps!
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Purple label is good and mild. I enjoy one from time to time. You mentioned it was a torpedo. Chances are you did not take enough off the end. Particularly if you did not have a good cutter. The Cusano 18 is just amazing though.

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