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Cigar cataloging software

Being the son of a librarian that I am, I tend to catalog things. My dvds, cds, books, and now my cigars. So I went searching for software to do so. Preferably something free. So far I've found two worth investigating:

Cigar Trakker (whose proper site is down, but it can be found hosted at a variety of other places, google and ye shall find)

Cigar Register - http://www.cigarregister.com/

I'm currently using Trakker. Though a bit rudimentary, it works splendidly. My only real beef being that while you can manually enter something if it isn't in the preset selections, it won't remember it. So every stick with an Ecuadoran wrapper needs to have Ecuador entered manually.

I haven't worked with Register yet, but plan on it today.

Is there any program you use that you can recommend? Is there an online registry/networking site out there?
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I use the http://www.cigaradvocate.org to catalog my ratings. It's a great website from our very own cigarsmoka.
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Hey Thanks for that! I did contribute a lot of work! Now I have moved on to other projects and at the moment don't write for Advocate. You'll be able to see my new project soon!
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There is also (for you Mac lovers out there) iFicionado which is pretty cool looking.

I however am a Linux lover and I don't use Mac or Windows. I have searched for software to help catalog my cigars but there isn't anything out there for me (or if there is, I can't find it). Being a software developer, I could write a program myself. The closest thing I can get is to also use Cigar Advocate.
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I have the Cigar register software. I don't really use much of the rating portion of the program, I mostly use it to keep track of inventory. Unfortunatly most of the newer sticks and even some others aren't in there so you have to add them yourself. The program has a lot of good features unfortunatly it still needs to be developed further. I haven't seen any updates from their site, and I haven't seen any new releases so I fear that it was just a spurt of creative thinking.
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