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The Morning Smoke!!

dont know how many of you like a smoke in the morning but
occasionaly, i do!!

in general, my cigar smoking isnt limited to strenghts, i go by
overall taste first and foremost and i like a wide variety of

however, in the mornings i choose to partake, i like a lighter
smoke, mostly because it doesnt over power or compete
with my morning drink which is a cold coffee like a mocha
or regular iced coffee.

i have found MY perfect morning smoke and that is the

not a smoke i would do daily for sure, and not my go to
smoke, but in the morning, with hot or cold coffee/espresso,
i find these sticks have more than a viable place in my smoking
repitoire as well as my humidor!! i know most dont like the
gold label mac, but do try in the morning with your coffee or
strong tea. you may find a use for this smoke as i did!!

what is YOUR morning smoke??
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I thend to go easier in the morning as well. I would say a AF Hemmingway short story is a good way to start off. I would also probably go for a Sol Cubano Conneticut, or a Punch PC.
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Cold Coffee in the morning? Isnt that what a microwave is for?

But for me, with my coffee, I find the 5 Vegas gold to be good. I am more drawn to the medium or full body, but that is my way to go in the morning

And affordable enough to be an everyday smoke.
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I am a 5 Vegas fan myself in the morning. I am not a big fan of hot coffee either, Give me 4 shots of espresso some milk and ice it down and I am happy!
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My personal fav in th morning is Fuente Hemmy's, especially with coffee
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One of my favorites in the morning is a Perdomo Reserve Champagne. Nice and easy - goes well with java. But then again, I think coffee is always perfect with cigars.
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5 Vegas Gold definitely....I prefer the torpedo size.
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Don Carlos #3 by far is my favorite Morning smoke, years ago when I worked in Down town Pittsburgh I had a long traffic filled trip 5 days a week, & a BIG travel mug of coffee & a DC3 were just right , as I pulled into my space in the parking garage & walked to the elevator, I had a Butt & an empty cup, Perfect timing for 7 years never missed a day , LOTS of DC 3 in my past, I still enjoy them in my "retirement " hahaha , just a 20 minute drive now to the cigar shop , but my buddy Don Carlos makes the trip with me every morning ! & some times my Buddy Johnny Walker joins us at the shop hahahaha
Enjoy, Vince

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5 Vegas Gold with a cup of Kona blend is always a nice way to start a weekend morning.
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Been having something new in the mornings ... a Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Perfecto.
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I too tend to prefer lighter smokes in the morning, somewhere in the mild or medium range. I usually go for a Cameroon, but sometimes connecticut. I also usually go for a shorter smoke.
Personally I consider the Fuente Hemmingway the "gold standard" of morning smokes to be enjoyed with coffee. I keep hearing "Short Story + coffee", but personally I prefer the Best Seller.

My preferred morning smokes are:
Arturo Fuente Hemmingway (usually Best Seller)
Oliva Serie G Cameroon Special G
Arturo Fuente, usually an 8-5-8 Flor Fina
Cusano 18 paired Connecticut

Lately my favorite has become the Oliva. The local liquor store has then for $2.40 + tax & they're $2.60 @ c.com. I like the Hemmingways more, but not $4-5 more.
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I'm lucky if I wake up by 11:00 most days. I don't have a morning smoke.
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