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I had a dream and my sister advised me to market it to nexon

So...I've always wanted to be a game developer so that I would occasionally randomly consider situations that could occur in a few game with Cheap Maplestory Mesos. I'm not certain if I'm posting in the right forum as I was able to play maplesea and moved to international as I'm no longer in SEA. I had a dream one day and it had been associated to maplestory so I informed my sister and she'd say I should sell the story into nexon. The model I'm telling you however would be quite different to better match the actual maplestory style as opposed to a dream.If anyone would like to listen to the true dream feel free to ask.It's actually pretty interesting...I believe....Oh... Sorry if I am rambling.

Millenias past, in a kingdom full of magic and wonder,there was a dark being hidden deep within the land. The king seek support from the goddess which foresees the property. The goddess chose 5 brave heroes to protect the kingdom against the shadowy being. The heroes trained day and night in expectation of beating the dark being. With the two beings colliding from the body,the body went into a deep sleep. The kings had the body sealed in a dungeon underground in expectation that if the dark being won the battle, it could be sealed at the dungeon.

Millenias have passed and everybody had forgotten about the dungeon. But slowly,the body began moving again. The goddess may be somewhat stronger than the dark being after such a very long struggle in the body but she knew if she didn't do something soon,she might lose the strength to continue fighting it.

To be able to protect against the dark being from growing more powerful, the goddess to not kill anything but gain exp through recovery and buffings. Self healing and self fans do not provide as much exp as healing/buffings party members or summoned beings perform. Summoned beings do minimum damage with its attack but usually tank and shield damage once the goddess is in danger. If you have not notice, this is a completely support type course. So if your class does not get exp through monster, there's no way to actually heal yourself unless you damage yourself? So. . .here's how it work, there'll be particular job quests consisting of helping arbitrary adventurers. The npcs will be the adventurers in this case. It may be a protecting pursuit for a certain journey or healing someone illness. This however, Maplestory items will only be available until first job as the goddess will subsequently deem this procedure to be overly slow because she have to wait for folks to really be in trouble.

There's a lot more detail to it but it is quite difficult to explain. I figured I would just get the thought out there. I expect a few of you forum folks enjoyed the story.
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