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Rice grader machine can be done in varieties of ways

Rice grader machine can be done in varieties of ways based on its special features. For examples like color approach using filter, edge detection template, decision tree analysis and many more. However it is depends on the goal of classification that the user wants to obtain. For example for internal damage of rice kernel, edge detection template can be used. While for other goal such as originality of rice, color and length features can be used.Machine vision system development has been capable and helpful in sorting rice into chalky, cracked, broken and internal damaged kernels. These are some approach which can be used and helpful in rice classification and grading.

Intrinsic rice quality parameters have two main limitations. Homogeneity in physical characteristics-such as length and width-of the rice sample being purchased may play a major role in consumersí willingness-to-pay for rice. Rice varieties are often mixed at various stages of harvest and post-harvest activities (i.e. harvesting, threshing, drying, and milling), which results in heterogeneous grain quality. Second, rice quality data obtained in these studies, specifically degree of chalkiness and GT, were measured through semi-quantitative means: scores were provided based on experienced techniciansí evaluations. Techniques that provide quantitative data now exist and can potentially improve hedonic pricing models. Machine vision technology, such as digital imaging systems, is available for monitoring quantifiable attributes of post-harvest quality of plant and animal products such as size, shape, and degree of chalkiness, as in the case of rice.

Recently, several researchers have conducted their efforts on developing the rice grader machine. The methods extend from manual-machine grading, where the features are determined manually, under laboratory conditions to machine vision systems for automated high-speed fruit sorting. It is clear that mechanized grading of pistachio nut reveals many advantages including elimination of wages behalf of manual grading, more uniformity and more hygienic product compared to manual methods. Therefore, design of full-automatic sorting machines can attract more customers and supports to Iran's position in export of this worthwhile produce. Among many available methods for quality evaluation of the crops, machine vision (MV) systems have proven to be the most powerful. A MV system consists of two main parts: hardware and software parts. These systems like the human eye are strongly influenced by lighting system. This part has a significant effect on the quality and resolution of the captured images and also considerably affects overall performance and efficiency of the MV system.

A fully equipped rice whitener machine for the processing of brown rice into white rice. It can also be used for conveniently milling the paddy into white processed rice. Air blowing device cleans the white rice to be sure that the bran content and temperatures are kept low.

China-zjlg has 20 years of experience in this field. We know what you want, welcome to leave a message: https://www.china-zjlg.com/product/rice-grader-machine/
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