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Stones and grains on a virtual destoner machine

The development of a clear separation zone between stones and grains (modelled based on the micro-properties of rapeseed) on a virtual destoner machine. Fluidization and deck inclination were identified as the two critical parameters that affect the grain segregation, with fluidization conditions chosen close to the minimum fluidization velocity of stones.

At these conditions, the stones are not fluidized and are carried to the higher side (steeper end) due to the vibrating action of the deck, while the fluidized grains move towards the lower end of the deck. In addition, the degree of inclination of the deck of a destoner machine is also critical to achieving acceptable segregation on it.

The gravity-fed grain is spread by a feeder across the entire width of the destoner machine. On separation screen, the stream of material is stratified according to its specific gravity by the oscillating motion of the screen and the air flowing through the material from bottom to top. The light particles collect at the top and the heavy ones including the stones at the bottom. The lower layers of stones flow upward and are separated out. The stone free stream of materials float on cushion of air, flowing slowly towards the material outlets. The inclination of the screens. The air volume and final separation can be individually adjusted to achieve the optimum degree of separation.

A laboratory paddy separator machine, was used for the broken rice separation experiments. It is a complex separator in which the necessary elements for pneumatic, screening and indent separation are fabricated sequentially. In this study, it was used with its pre-cleaning sieve removed and the perforations of fine screening cylinder blocked by adhesive tapes. An inverter was fabricated into the motor driving part to make the change in cylinder rotational speed possible.

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