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Uncle Beanz Ethiopian Worka. . . .

A quiet and thoughtful "wow" on this one.

Where do I begin? There is something about Ethiopian coffees, a common thread if you will, that in my experience, tends toward "earthy," "winey" and "lemony." Certainly not all Ethiopian coffees will have that entire flavor profile, but a good and properly roasted bean will often have at least one of those flavors in good strength.

Now, mind you, unlike bourbon or the subjects of training, nutrition and performance enhancing drugs, I'm an infant here. Yes, I have 17 years experience of buying whole bean coffee, real coffee, experimenting with various methods before settling on the French Press, hand grinding it, and trying anything and everything I could.

But compared to folks like Uncle Beanz and oedipus1, I MIGHT be able to reach their shoe laces if I reached up far enough with my right arm if standing next to them.

Nevertheless, my own taste buds and experience is what I have to go on here, and I'm in the process of trying, albeit with some Bloofingtonian humour, to do some very serious reviews on every Uncle Beanz varietal I try. And just as you folks who smoke certain cigars can tell a real one from certain flavor components, an Ethiopian coffee will make someone familiar with the realm go, "Aha, a true Ethiopian."

And so, Uncle Beanz Ethiopian Worka enters the picture. And in my first pot I noticed an incredibly pungent, totally confounding aroma coming from the freshly ground beans in the carafe. And because of some intense computer work going on at the time, I had to sort of catch aromas, flavor profile and effects on the fly. But they did make an impression on me, right from the mystifying aroma, yet quite familiar one, of the freshly ground beans, to the distinct and equally mystifying flavor profile.

So, during my second tasting, I ground the beans and again encountered that mystifying aroma, but very familiar. And all I kept circling around to was . . .

"HABICHUELAS!!!" Yes, BEANS, as in the beans you make with rice and beans. And of course, that's really funny, a guy calling himself Uncle Beanz, selling coffee that smells like beans, but not coffee beans, but habichuelas. But que clase de habichuelas?

No seriously, I wouldn't make the pot until I figured it out. And finally it hit me. Black eyed peas. I know, I know, Bloof is . . .

yeah right, Medio Loco. No, that blend is for next week, ha, haaaaaaa!!!

But for real, when you grind this coffee, which is a beautiful roast, about the same as the 2008 Cup Of Excellence, just short of Full City, that's what it smells like. Don't ask, don't tell.

Yes folks, Ethiopian coffee is just weird. And I've been called a weirdo about ohhhhh, how many people fit in Yankee Stadium, in my life? Ethiopian coffee is like single malt scotch. All together now, . . .

an acquired taste. But if you like to experiment, and if you have a curiosity about tastes, and a discriminating palate, you'll remember that one of the three x's in the triple-x rated Uncle Beanz Exxxperience is "unique rarities and endless variety."

So, what's it taste like, Bloof? That's the weirdest, but best of all. I hope you're ready for thick richness, mystifying complexity, and a wide awake feeling!!! The flavor profile, with a thick, rich texture, give notes of earthy, Ethiopian type earthy, and a strong, lasting flavor of black eyed peas, along with a touch, but noticeable hint of lemon. The finish is long, and reminiscent of fine Costa Rican, or perhaps an exceptional Colombian coffee, that typical South or Central American taste.

The best way to describe the finish is that which Americans love to wake up to on a Sunday and spread out a newspaper with the TV on in a peaceful setting at home. This Ethiopian Worka is a truly fascinating taste experience, although admittedly weird. The black eyed pea flavor smooths out nicely as the sipping goes on, and the whole experience is a pleasant one.

This coffee is thick and strong, a great wake up coffee, or one to perhaps take on a long drive when a kick would be appropriate. Hey, don't just sit there. You know what to do!!! This coffee Worka for me, it'll Worka for you, so get to Worka now, click on http://www.unclebeanz.com and buy some of this one, too.

Support a man of integrity, intelligence, drive, decency, humility, and with a face that a Jewish mother would love to pinch.

Support Yer Uncle Beanz!!!
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