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Uncle Beanz Sidamo Watadara. . . .

Another Ethiopian coffee, but quite unlike many others, dark roasted, with oil on the beans, very uniform in size and shape, what looks to be a very painstaking selection of beans.

When I finally opened up the bag on this one over the weekend, prior to grinding the beans, I instantly detected a very familiar scent, eerily familiar. I kept sniffing and sniffing, walked away, came back, and all I could think of was trips with my mother and sister to visit my grandfather in Atlantic City almost 40 years ago.

That was back before CasinoMania changed Atlantic City forever, and became an Atlantic City that to this day I have not seen and don't really want to. But on that bus trip out to Atlantic City, I'll never forget the staggeringly pungent aroma of these structures we used to pass on the way there, along the highway at a certain point. They were almost all pipes. I found out years later they were oil refineries.

Well, after sniffing this coffee for what seemed like an eternity, I shrugged and ground it. Again, the unmistakable aroma of oil refineries. Well, at least it's strong, I thought. There was some cocoa powder seeping through in that aroma, but the most familiar scent I could detect was the oil refinery smell.

When the hot coffee finally hits your mug and explodes into the full bouquet of its unique flavor profile on your palate, we're talking an Ethiopian like I've never had before, and I mean it's very special.

First, there's an ever so slightly yellowish tint to this coffee, barely noticeable, but an interesting characteristic. And the flavor is complex, with caramel, cocoa, smooth, well balanced, and a bright tingle that made me think of the fine Kona I had back in the 90's, or a great Costa Rican.

This is a richly flavored, strong brew, one that city people can truly appreciate, that get up and get going type of coffee that wakes you up and makes you glad to tackle the day. With all the flavors and boldness that can be detected in a mug of this delicious coffee, the closest thing I can approximate it to is that it tastes like eating Black Forest Cake.

Of the four coffees that I have tried from my recent Uncle Beanz order of five, this is my favorite so far. Unfortunately, it's not listed on the web site any more!!! Ahhhh yes, folks, one thing about Uncle Beanz. So many specialties, so little for the masses.

But if you do click on www.unclebeanz.com, and happen to see Sidamo Watadara, buy it. It's like the rest of Uncle Beanz' offerings, unique, delicious and very special.

The Uncle Beanz Exxxperience.

Get it now.
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