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Hello from NY

Hello all. I am new to the hobby and enjoying reading and learning from the good posts. So far I have purchased some sample packs of various cigars and enjoy trying each one to explore what I like and dislike. The majority I have tried I tended to enjoy, but can’t say I’d want another one if I had other choices available.

I recently took a vacation to the Cayman Islands, and while there decided it would be a good time to try a Cuban cigar while I had the chance (since I live in the USA and can’t get them legally while at home). One that I made a point to try was the Montecristo #2 since I had read from several sources before going that it was one of “the cigars” to compare all others to. (I know that is probably a debatable thing, but it seemed like a popular statement enough to at least try).

Well, I sat down with a buddy of mine in a La Casa del Habano store and tried it out. I loved it. It was by far the best cigar I had ever tried (so far). It was smooth smoking from start to end, great tasting, and just an all-around great smoke.

I was very happy to have gotten to try it, but now that I am home am sad that I can’t actually get more of the cigar I liked the most. So, I will turn to you more experienced folks for some advice.

What non-cuban cigars are most like the Cuban Montecristo #2 when it comes to flavor, quality, etc…? I am sure there must be ones that are similar, but there seem to be an endless amount to try so a little help pointing in the right direction would be appreciated.

If there is any more info I can provide to help answer please let me know and I will try my best to answer.

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Actually it is illegal to buy them anywhere if you are a US Citizen. Not having experienced a Cuban Montecristo, I have no idea what it comparable-but don't waste your money on legal monte's. There are some cigars out there they say are cubanesque. Camacho is one, but I have yet to smoke one. Others say Perdomo is cuban like, but I have yet to find a Perdomo that I like. We do have a few members with the experience that can help you, so let me just say Welcome to the site.
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Welcome! I am primarily a pipe smoker, but I have read a number of good posts here that have turned me toward the direction of a good stick to smoke.

I'm sure you will not be disappointed.
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