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Newbie with a question

Hello to all my cigar smokers up here (old and new). I have question, I have a 300 ct. Humidor, the end table type. I would like to know whats the best option to humidify this thing. Is it better to get an electric humidifier or the beads? If I get the beads how many humidifier bars should I put in it to keep my smokes safe. Your answers will be much appreciated, thank you for your help. Also I enclosed a picture of the humidor.Screenshot_2014-02-13-17-43-53.jpg
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Not my area of expertise, but for only 300 sticks, I think I would go beads. Not sure how good the seal is but I would either go with two bead bars on the sides or 3 bars , adding one to the rear of the drawer, depending on how large the two bars would be and the job they did.
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I have no experience with Heartfelt beads, but I do have a 300 ct humidor. I got a "Black Ice" jar as a freebie a few months back from an online order, and am using that to regulate the rh in that chest. As I put more sticks in, I pull quarters out (the black ice jar is sectioned into four "quarter jars"). The reduction in empty air space in the humidor being replaced by cigars requires less humidification to maintain a proper rh. I check it every few days as I add sticks to that box - you never know if what you're getting has been kept at the proper rh, or if they dried in transit. I assume the beads in the Black Ice jar are similar to Heartfelt beads in how they work. I try to maintain an rh of 65-70% - with forced hot-air heat here in the winter.
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newbie, question

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