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No activity for almost a year?


I have a pipe that I tried to clean off the stem with water and a paper towel. Next thing I know, the stem smells like burnt rubber. Any ideas?

Clean with Everclear, people have told me - fill the bowl and let it soak, run through and clean with pipe cleaners, how is it done?
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Re: No activity for almost a year?


Are you trying to clean the pipe stem off or out?

I have used the "Mr. Clean" erasers to clean the outside of the stems of some of my pipes. I've also used Simichrome on the outside of the pipe stems.

The Everclear method of cleaning a pipe works well. Pull the stem and plug the stem hole. Fill the pipe with uniodized salt, be sure to fill in the stem, then fill the pipe with Everclear until the salt will hold no more. I use an eye dropper. Let it set for 3-4 days. The salt will become hard and brown, the Everclear goes away (damfiiknow where). Chip the salt out of the bowl, clean with pipe cleaners, let the pipe rest for 3-4 days and enjoy a fresh smoke.

If you have any questions, send up a flare.

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