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everybody it's Patti rock star mom

Everybody it's Patti rock star mom welcome back to my channel well today is going to be a chatty patty if she saw from the tunnel and I have a several things to talk to you about so if you're interested state Applause okay I think the first thing I want to talk to you about today is my new ring yes I found a ring that we like to call travel jewelry that i can carry with us when we travel and we find good engagement set and wedding set at home you saw in that other video where I talked about rings that i had had quite an experience with jewelry TV well a few days ago or last week i think really i had JT vm again and they had all day of bella luce and they actually showed this ring and I looked at it real close the show host did a real good job of showing the ring so that I could sort of see the dimensions of it I went on the website read all about it made sure that it was everything she said it was it appeared to be so I ordered it it came in well I've been out of town but when we got back night before last and check the mail yesterday it was there and it is everything I thought it would be and more and I absolutely love it even Jim loved it so let me show it to you and I hope again that you can see it now it's obviously not real because of the carrot setting it's over carats but it's mainly it's a small center stone but it's mainly pave and baguette all the way around and again hopefully you can see it it's a yellow gold vermeille I'm sure it's not pure gold but I won't be wearing it every day so I think I think it's going to be just fine I love it it's the only thing I need I love it love it love it love it I ordered a size five my wedding set is afford half but of course this didn't come in half sizes and I knew a four would be too small now today it feels a little bit snugger on my finger I think that's you know for whatever the reason this morning my fingers maybe a little puffy but yesterday last night when i had it own it was a little bit too loose on me but of course it can't be fired but i absolutely love it i'm going to be excited to wear it i am keeping it it was around fifty dollars i'll put the link to where it was down below in the description box the next thing i want to talk to you about and show you is a product that i received from pharma skincare they contacted me recently are a couple of months ago really about sending me some product and I did will tell you that actually ran all of their information went to the website and they are cruelty-free and vegan so I decided to give him a try and they sit me just a couple of pieces the first thing they sent was the sea complex moisturize her moisturizer antioxidant with an SPF of and I have my notes here so I want to tell you a little bit about it to see complex moisture other promotes a healthy balance of skin moisture it uses a specifically developed multi vitamin complex that restores protects and promotes youthful skin fortified with vitamins a c be antioxidants uva and UVB protection so there it is now I have used this and i will tell you i think this is one of those products that Hydroluxe Serum would probably last forever I've taken a pretty good dent at this I think maybe for me personally this is just a little bit heavy I mean this is a heavy heavy heavy cream and maybe you can see it doesn't zorb into the skin but it's heavy it has a very faint scent to it and me of you know that I'm so sensitive to sense and I will say that this does not bother me if you're looking for a great vitamin C and moisturizer and sunscreen all-in-one I think this would be a great moisturizer for you a great combination product for you it covers a lot of faces in one step the second thing they sent me and I actually like this much better than that cream is the Pharmakon care a pill micro epidermal mask stick and it says advanced science and it looks like this and this is actually a stick that is your mask and it's oh gosh it's dirty so you can you know I've used it I hate to show you product that anything that looks dirty but this is a stick and you want you wait your face first and then you just do this all over your skin and you leave it on and then you wash it off the a peel mask stick was designed to deliver the benefits or a face mask without any of the men it has a clean and quick application process while still maintaining
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