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    Attention cmw6300!!!

    Some birthday cigars are on their way to you! Enjoy!!! :D
  2. D

    ATTENTION Barcochris!

    Hey brother, I noticed that your address was corrected on the birthday list. Will you still get the pkg I sent out last week? I hope so...... Let me know.
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    Attention fargo:

    Got the pkg today! Love 'em ALL! Especailly the "CAO"! 8) Thanks, brother!
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    As of September first, I will be taking sign-ups for the fall box pass. The reason I am saying this now is for some of the new memebers of the board to get involved in the Pif, trade and Fun and games threads. Positive feedback will be a must. This will not be a top shelf only pass but a good...
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    ATTENTION West coast members......

    Or anyone for that matter.... I keep hearing about all of these get togethers on the east coast or in the midwest and it's killing me that the few of us here on the west coast can't go to them! ("can't afford it" is the better phrase) I want to plan a get together or sit down for this...
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    You still have time to run for your life...leave here and dont look back......look at what the people here did to me....I started out with my nice 300 stick humi....then the people here forced me to buy a 70qt coolidor to hold all the sticks they forced me to buy....but no that wasnt enough then...
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    May I have your attention: After reading an email from Sytax about the box, to me it seemed a little sincere that he did send it out. But, the words he said about me were just unbelievable. But, everyone has their own opinion. Please do not send the other cigars out yet, I feel that in his...
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    Attention all Florida cigar smokers...and other freaks!!

    A true oddity will be in your state on October 27th and 28th...ME!!! :lol: I'll be in St. Augustine those days and I'm meeting up with Dpuck and his wife. I'd love to meet others of you. If you're willing to make the drive, come on over to lovely St. Augustine and we'll have a mini-Sit Down...
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    Attention all OPUS FANS

    The new DVD sets from prometheus were just announced. This year they will be $100.00 and include 1 Reserva de Chateau 7 x 48 1 Forbidden X 7.5 x 41 1 BBMF 6.13 x 64 Charitable Foundation Boxes are also becoming available through prometheus. Contents include 22 sticks Will sell for...
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    Van Winkle located... Attention Bloof

    Hey Bloof, Remember when we were discussing how the 20 yr van winkle was out of stock everywhere? I found a store that keeps it in stock @ $109 +tax. They also have plenty of the 13 yr van winkle rye along with many other high end liquor. I was rather surprised by this find in a small town...