1. T

    Kinky Friedman is back in the Cigar business

    Just looked to see how long ago Kinky shut doen his cigar company and see that he is back with a partner and a new KF signature line:
  2. Dustinl

    So I'm sitting on the back porch.....

    ......smoking, and I hear some tomfoolery going on in the chicken coop. So I go inside and grab the Judge and the spotlight.
  3. S

    It's good to be back!

    I was a member here years ago when cigars were a big part of my life. Guess it's been longer than I realized, since my old login info wasn't even valid. I continued to smoke on rare occasion, but not at the level I once used too. Now that I'm getting divorced, I plan to participate in one of my...
  4. B128thopen

    Welcome Back Cigar Forums Box Pass!

    On hold....
  5. B

    yep.. I am back

    Hey all glad to be back, Hope this keeps on going!!!
  6. B128thopen

    Connor Checking Back in!

    Figured we are all newbies again! I am Connor from Franklin Tn. You can call me Hillbilly...the rest of these clowns do. I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 great kids and being able to smoke a great cigar when i find time. I enjoy beer, wine, tea, and running Shine! I do not like...
  7. R

    Back in the Swing of Things contest!!!!!

    I'm not sure if this is gonna be easy or hard. I will give a sequence of numbers that refer to the name of my favorite cigar. When you make a guess i will respond with the numbers that correspond to the letters in the guessed name. but only if the letters and in the name of my favorite cigar. I...
  8. R

    Back in the swing of things

    Hello all. Its been a long time since i've posted on the site. Dropped in a few time but haven't posted in over a year. I have been so busy with work and the girlfriend doesn't like the cigars so much so i have cut back lately. Recently moved back in with an old friend of mine that is heavy...
  9. J

    Sahre Senseo is back.

    If you have ever wanted to try Single Serve Pod Coffees, the Share Senseo program may be just the thing for you. For a $15.00 shipping fee and the time it takes to fill out a survey they will send you the brewer and some of their other stuff. I will tell you right up front that the Senseo...
  10. O

    It's Official - The French Press is Back.

    It must be official! With the election of a pro-American leader in France, Bill O'Reilly has ended his boycott of French wine and other French products. That should mean that French Fries are back and the Freedom Press can return to being the French Press. Of course, I don't really...
  11. G

    Religious leaders back $1 cigarette tax hike..

    INDIANAPOLIS -- A group of religious leaders sent a letter to lawmakers Wednesday calling on them to increase the state cigarette tax by $1 per pack and use the money for anti-smoking and other health programs. new revenue to provide health insurance
  12. G

    Smoking Ban: Restaurants And Bars Plan To Fight Back ...

    Beginning in July, the air will be clearer in Charleston bars and restaurants. City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday night that would ban smoking in all public places. But another battle is brewing Wednesday..... The Supreme Court
  13. A

    Back from CAO

    Just got back from spending a few days at the new CAO facility. WOW, I will post my story and pictures tomorrow. All I can say is: MX3, Criollo Maduro, Gold Maduro, and the list goes on.
  14. C

    Back history on Orient Express cigars?

    About a year ago, one of the owners of a smoke shop I frequented gave me an Orient Express labeled cigar as an appreciation of my business with him. The shape and size of this cigar was very similar to a panatella and had a light tan wrapper color. The owner mentioned that this particular...
  15. E

    Back In the Saddle again!!

    after all the months of waiting we are finally settling into the new Digs here in Charlotte. The house is great, and the money flows from my pockets like the raging rivers of Colorado!! But hey, all part of the game. We are putting in a new patio and landscaping, so I haven't had the time...
  16. H

    1st Day back to work

    As some of you know, I got canned at my last job on June 14 (the short story is that the company went bankrupt). I was hired at Continental Tire in the corporate HQ and started on Tuesday. I think the new position will be a challenge, but I am really excited to get back to work! Anyway , thanks...
  17. C

    Back again!

    Hi again all! Its been a while sinse I've posted.. sorry. I have been busy trying to start my new business. I just had a great Montecristo from the cigar of the month and man it was great! I love the smoothness of Connecticut Shade. A real treat. :)
  18. A

    Back From RTDA

    Sorry I did not update after the first day. The show this year was only three days and it was a lot of work. All in all I thought the releases this year were decent, there were a few cigars that really impressed me but it seems that more and more cigar makers were launching sticks in the 10...
  19. B

    Back from Texas

    I just got back from my 6 weeks in Texas. Had some great concerts, meet some great people, and put on some great parties. I'll put up some pictures when I can figure that out.
  20. A

    Im Back

    Back from Tahiti. The wife and I had a blast. I will post a few pics when they are up and live. Smoked a bizzilion cigars and actually was somewhat dissapointed with the PSD 4's I brought along. These cigars have been very inconsistant. The Cohiba ISOMs though were a dream. I also bit into...