1. S

    Breaking Bad

    I thought this was such a great show, I figured Id start a thread about it. I figured someone on here has seen it and we could discuss it season by season over a few 'gars. Enjoy!
  2. PuFf

    What do C&D Autumn Evening and a bad dog have in common?

    They both like to bite! Although it has a great flavor and aroma, it needs to be smoked ever so slow. Needs a bit of drying out of the tin as well. It seems it's best when right on the verge of going out. Although I highly recommend it for an aromatic, muster up all the patience you can while...
  3. E

    smokes smell bad

    Concern here. I have a couple of smokes that are not smelling very good. which is odd because the rest smell fine. I had a carlos torano virtuoso that just smelled horrible. is this due to poor circulation in my humi? Or am I getting the dreaded mold? I keep my humidor at about 64-65%...
  4. A

    talk about bad luck

    I have been expecting an order from and the usps tracking says it was delivered yesterday. I did not receive it. 10 sticks I was really looking forward to. Either the mailman kept them for himself or they were pilfered out of my mailbox. I was hoping to hand a couple out at a wedding...
  5. C

    Bad case of TAD

    I know I haven't been around lately, and I haven't been smoking much either. But the other day, I just had a sudden attack of TAD.... (Tabacco aquisition disorder). Here is what I ordered: Samuel Gawith: Black XX Rope 50g Samuel Gawith: Fire Dance Flake 50g Cornell & Diehl: Sunday...
  6. B

    Bad Bottle of Booker's . . .

    The following are edited excerpts from a long thread I posted on another web site. The first post is from 3/28/2007, and the second, with my concluding thoughts, is from last night, 4/13/2007. I just thought all the bourbon drinkers here should be alerted. _______________________...
  7. R

    Bad Computer News..

    Well, i have tried everything to find a way to be able to enter a the chatroom. I downloaded the newest version of java and everything. I enter the room and i cant see anybody or type anything. This is my only computer because i had been using my ex's computer, but now i gave that back to...
  8. B

    Bad Knight With Black Pearl. . . .

    That's a little take off on an old movie title, Bad Day At Black Rock. Whatever in the world prompted me to take out the 6x50 Black Pearl that Vince sent me a few months ago, to finish off a relaxing night with, as the clock wound down in last night's Documentary, Rock Concert, Football Game...
  9. C

    More bad news, NOT HEALTH RELATED

    I just got done remodeling the living room of my home and the dining room. It was a lot of work, kept me very busy. I'm just getting some spare time to catch up on some reading and posting. I read a certain news letter today about how Florida and louisiana are trying to go after people who...
  10. C

    Sorry to see all the bad news

    A lot of people are sick. I hate to see it. I have a friend who is on her last two weeks of kimo treatment. Shes been tough, but the last couple of weeks have been tough. Sad thing is she lost her husband to (of all things "skin cancer") like maybe 7 years ago. He was a great guy. Well I hope...
  11. P

    bad dog

    So thats where all the cigars went
  12. T

    Just How Bad

    My COTM package arrived totally folded, spindled and mutilated, replaced it pronto, thanks guys. Funny thing, 2 of the sticks were missing, one of which was the Macanoodle, hope Mr., Crushum enjoyed it. Anyway, I figured I’d try to smoke the Punch, It was pretty mangled and I got...
  13. D

    Bad day.... :cry:

    It's a sad, sad day in my household. The Bears have lost. :cry: Not joy to be had right now. I need to go look at my daughter to remind me that not all is lost!
  14. R

    whats so bad?

    whats the big deal about macanudo's? are they that bad? i had one the other day and it was pretty good
  15. D

    Bad promotion

    Has anyone ever gone to a cigar promo by CAO? I went to one last night in San Diego and I hope it's not indicative of what CAO is like everywhere. Let me say this, I love CAO cigars so this is in no way a bad endorsement for their products. It's just that they didn't put on a good "show"...
  16. E

    Box pass tak split from Bad trader thread

    Kaz, You shouldn't shy away from a box pass just because you are worried that we will think less of you or think you are stiffing us. Everyone here represent different levels of involvement in the hobby. SOme of us dabble, some of jump in with both feet. Some have rare or hard to find...
  17. C

    Bad traders!!!!!!!! Beware or Be warned!

    Here is a web site that lists names of people that travel the cigar boards and do bad trades. I figured if anyone here was going to do any trading on any boards they may want to bookmark this page and check to make sure the person they are dealing with is not on it. If just one of us saves a...
  18. N

    Bad smelling places

    When my wife goes into craft shops. I wait outside. I get sick to my stomach from all the spices. My eyes even water. I can only last about three minutes in a old book store- smell of old books makes me sick. The exhaust fan smell of a Chinease restaurant- old oil smell- makes me sick...
  19. M

    From Bad to Worse to.... nice

    70 degrees today in chicago I could hardly believe it. All day I watched the clock until just before 5 I could take no more and had to slip out early. The boss's door is closed... a meeting... now is my chance I am out the door. I hit the expressway only to find bumper to bumper traffic. It...