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    Cigar bands

    Just curious, how many of you guys save their bands?
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    Has anybody tried a Foundry?

    I love the idea behind them. I love the boxes. I love the bands. I love that they are going to do something with the metal gears. Has anybody had one? Are they any good? Just wanna get an idea of what I'm about to buy. Help me out here.
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    Cigar bands

    Going through my box of bands thinking of something to do with them I got to thinking what bands do you think are the best? I know that the band has nothing to do with the flavor of a cigar however I am sure they have allot to do with sales. The Gurkhas seem to have nice bands on there cigars...
  4. K

    Arturo Fuente Color Bands

    A lot of the cigars in the Fuente line have bands at the foot of the cigar in various colors. Does anyone have a guide to what all the different colors mean just incase i come accross a few singles out of the boxes?
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    Cigar Bands

    I find the similarities between Q*ban labels and non-Q*ban labels to be intriguing. If the trade embargo were to be lifted; what would happen to cigar labels? Copyright lawyers might have a field day with this one!
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    Cigar bands

    Does anyone collect their bands? If so, would you send them to me? I have an idea for a small end table that I'm building. I wanna glue them to the top of the table then laquer it. So if you don't mind parting with those bands, I sure would appreciate getting them for my project...
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    Cigar bands

    This is an ongoing dedate I have had with many people. Who leaves their band on? This is how I determine when or if to take it off. I let the cigar burn a good inch or so before I try. Many times in my early years I would take it off too soon and tear the wrapper. I let the stick heat up...