1. T

    Help with Partagas Black Label - damp basement taste

    Hi there, I am a newbie to this forum. I am stumped by my experience with Partagas Black Label. I bought some a year ago from the Duty Free Shop at Hong Kong International Airport, and found I really liked them. The ones I had burned well and the taste and aromas are so strong and deep. The...
  2. J

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Specials

    Does anyone have any scuttle on upcoming deals from online retailers ??? Even free shipping helps !!
  3. B

    Black Ops Bravo help

    So I got a Black Ops Bravo lighter today and I'm having problems with it. It will spark and light for a split second but it won't stay lit no matter what adjustment I set the flame setting at. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. A

    Tatujue Black

    The guy at the local shop gave me one of these to try and it was a great smoke. When I lit it up it tasted like I just lit up a j of some good trees, which I havent smoked in 4 years. Just thought it was a great taste and would recommend it. Please let me know if anyone has tried one.
  5. T

    Sutliff Private Stock Black Swan pipe tobacco

    Anyone try it ? Sounds like a really good premium black cavendish tobacco-saw it on CB auction but it went higher than I was willing.
  6. T

    Black Crown Golden Amber Lager

    Tried it after lunch. Kinda like the cigar, good but not exceptional. Relatively smooth with a 6% alcohol content. Might be great after 5 or 6.;)
  7. T

    Anyone try a Black Crown yet ?

    I haven't and would like to hear how they are before overloading the humidor.
  8. G

    Black Pearl Coffee

    Over the past thirty years I have tried a lot of exotic coffees. Kilimanjaro reserve, Java Estate, A dozen different pounds of Jamaican Blue Mountain , Some private reserve coffee given to me by an Indian colleague from his parents plantation in south central India. A month or so ago I...
  9. G

    Black Friday

    Did anyone get any good deals on Black Friday?
  10. B128thopen

    Tatuaje Black

    So I got a great email from the owner of my B&M yesterday (is it bad that he now just sends me personal emails?) and he got 2 jars of Tat Black in. I made up some lame excuse to leave work and drove like a maniac to get there. I came flying in and Pat was like "Slow down slow down."...
  11. V

    Black Pearl

    I just smoked a torpedo size last night and have to say that this is one of the better smokes that I have had lately. It only had a burn issue once, like it was plugged up. It was very quickly repaired though. I couldn't place all of the tastes that it had, but it reminded me of hints of...
  12. R

    Gurkha Black Puro

    Who has tried these - and would be willing to give their opinion? My favorite maduros are El Rey del Mundo Robustos (the tissue wrapped one), Punch Rotschilds, and Padron '64s (when I splurge). I am not a big fan of Connecticut broadleaf maduros - too one-dimensional for my tastes. So...
  13. S

    Partagas Black Label lighting/burn issues

    Gents, I like this cigar, but for the life of me I can't get one to light as easily as I can get another cigar to light. I've been smoking for probably 8 or 9 years so I've got the lighting part down. When I light it, this particular cigar seemingly needs a lot more attention than any other that...
  14. R

    How do you feel aboout Jim Beam Black

    Tried some Jim Beam Black the other night and it was very good in my opinion. Was smooth and claimed to be aged for 8 years. Has anyone else tried this.
  15. Doc-T

    Cohiba Black

    Anyone tried this cigar yet? What was your experience? Is it worth the price tag?
  16. T

    Cuervo Black

    After all the ads on tv I went against my better judgment and bought a bottle of Jose Cuervro Black. As with other cuervo products it did not live up to the hype. I must admit it was better then there regular offerings but not by much. I would say a 4 out of 10.. Travis
  17. B

    Bad Knight With Black Pearl. . . .

    That's a little take off on an old movie title, Bad Day At Black Rock. Whatever in the world prompted me to take out the 6x50 Black Pearl that Vince sent me a few months ago, to finish off a relaxing night with, as the clock wound down in last night's Documentary, Rock Concert, Football Game...
  18. Bikeman

    CAO Black Mosaic

    Sunday was a fine September day in Saskatchewan so I thought I would celebrate with a good cigar and a good book in the back yard. I am reading Christine by Steven King right now, so I guess one ouf of two isn't bad. The CAO black is a cigar produced by CAO only for Cigars International, and...
  19. A

    General Announces Cohiba Black

    See below press release. GENERAL CIGAR UNVEILS COHIBA BLACK New York, NY—On the heels of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling which affirmed General Cigar’s exclusive ownership of the COHIBA brand in the U.S., General Cigar is proud to unveil COHIBA® BLACK, a super premium collection that...
  20. S

    Partagas Black Label ~Vs~ 5 Vegas Series A

    Hey Everyone I was wondering if anyone can tell me if these are smimliar and whats stronger???????