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    For Trade: Great Blue Slots - Research and free play

    Great Blue Slot Game high a wrong slot or also known as volatile. This means in layman's terms is the Great Blue tends to pay big. The down side though this is just like all slot machines are very volatile and the variance is high, the Great Blue can go to what seems like a long lean spell...
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    Montecristo Blue Pyramid Humador

    Good morning everyone My father asked me to help him sell this blue pyramid humador. It is in excellent condition and still has original box and packaging. Numbered is 266/500 I found a couple of posts regarding this item but never saw the value. There is one on eBay now but the asking...
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    Out of the blue

    A friend sent me some pipe tobacco he picked up at a local shop, a pouch of Borkum Riff Ultra Light Original, and Paladin Black Cherry. The Borkum Riff isn't bad, but you can tell it's a, "ultra light" blend. The Paladin has a smooth light black cherry taste/aftertaste, but kinda faint. All in...
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    Purofino Blue Label

    Again, another review from 1999. Do these even appear on the market anymore? I have seen their Milenio series, but it seems as if this blend has disappeared altogether. Robusto #2 Purofino Blue Label Robusto 1) Aesthetics: Robustos are a wonderful size, and these are oily examples of...
  5. H Blue Label and a Shakespeare Stout

    A woman's lifestyle site paired up the Blue Label with Shakespeare Stout.
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    Did the hurricanes destroy Jamaican Blue Mountain Crop?

    OK, now you've done it! I bought the Press Pot. I bought the burr grinder. I bought a small amount of Jamaican Blue Mountain what's-its-name Estate coffee. (I told the clerk I couldn't believe I was buying $40 a pound coffee.) I had it for breakfast this morning. Great stuff...