1. P

    Cigar Cabinet Humidor Mold Issue-Advice Needed-Thanks

    I bought a used Montegue End Table Cigar Humidor. He had the shelves on bottom and when got home there was mold on the bottom. Looks like had cigar oasis on shelve in between unit and bottom. You can see dried out green where the slots were. Shame on me for not checking. I see remedies on line...
  2. J

    For Sale: 2000 and 4000 Cigar Cabinet Humidors in Los Angeles

    Hi everyone, I just joined the forum and looking forward to meeting everyone. I am one of the owners of and we have some extra cabinet humidors we no longer need since we just upgraded. If anyone is interested we can cut you a killer deal. I have one 4000 cigar...
  3. S

    Large Vertical Cabinet Humidor

    I almost fell over from a heart attack today. The wife said she is tired of seeing the multiple coolidors around the house and I should get one of those "stand up humidor thingies" for the house. Being the great husband I am, I would like nothing more than to help her out and further my hobby...
  4. rmrdaddy

    New Liqour Cabinet for the Daddy

    new liquor cabinet with all the Maker's goods on display:
  5. B

    New Cabinet.

    I got a new cabinet in From Tampa Humidor today, It is the Montigue, 1500 Capacity. I am going to retrofit it with a unit like travis installed on his to keep it cool.
  6. C

    New Cabinet

    Hi all, I finally got my new cabinet yesterday. It will be staying at my office and I was wondering if it will hurt to just leave the bowl of water in there for the weekend without checking it? The only other thing I can think of doing is putting a bunch of Crystals in there. Unfortunately My...
  7. S

    New Cabinet Humidor question...

    I am getting ready to purchase a cabinet humidor, very similar to the one Travis just bought. Question is this...will an Oasis XL Plus be enough or should I go beads and or humi jars as well. Is that overkill or will the Oasis work ok by itself? Anyone with the Oasis, have you had any...
  8. B

    Cabinet question

    Anyone have one of these: ... B5B29D1323 I am seriously thinking about getting one for Christmas, but I wanted some feedback. Does it hold humidity well? Also, I am not really on a budget right now where I will be able to go out and buy a bunch...
  9. C

    Anybody interested in a cabinet humidor?

    Im currently in the process of upgrading to a 2000+ Large cabinet humidor. This leave me with an extra Medium Cabinet humidor, and a 300ct Desktop humidor and an extra Cigar Oasis XL. If your interested in taking this set up off my hands, PM me and we can work out details...I'd prefer...
  10. S

    Trivoli Cabinet Humidor (TH-500) - Opinions?

    I am considering purchasing the following humi: Trivoli Cabinet Humidor (TH-500) ... 33A23E97BA Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. THX
  11. C

    Forbidden X cabinet Humidor & 100 cigars

    This is the humidor that sold with 100 forbidden X as well as a cabinet humidor. I have a chance to obtain on just under 1/2 price. (complete) If anyone would be interested in this please contact me! I'll dig up a little more info.