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    Calling all Austin Cigar smokers!

    I am going to be in Austin for 3 weeks (10/15-11/?) and I am looking for places to enjoy, w/ and w/o a cigar. Any suggestions? What are the smoking laws? Any events? Anyone interested in enjoying a smoke w/ me? I am there for training and have classes from 1am to 7:30am ( I know weird)...
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    Calling to the Burghers

    Gents & ladies, I will be flying into Pittsburgh to be with my mother for her surgery on Friday. I was wondering if I could scrape up a few of you to have a little sit down somewhere maybe Saturday Night? I don't know for sure what is going to happen with my mother of course, but...
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    Calling all Doctors

    Ok guys i have a humidor form my future brother in law and it is full of cigars from down south but they are way under humidified so im planning on picking up a cigar oasis and some beads and another hygrometer but the problem comes in i know everyone say to re hydrate sticks is to do it slowley...
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    Devil Dog, Sergeant Highway is calling you

    DD, sorry it's taken awhile to finish Gunny, but he's done. You had mentioned wallpaper usage? (I can't remember.) If so, let me know and I'll post a large image suitable for desktops.