1. N

    MD Cigars deal of the day

    Hey guy's this weeks deal of the day is a box of Camacho American Barrel Aged Toro for $155.06
  2. B

    Davidoff buys Camacho cigars.

    Oettinger Davidoff Group, the parent company of Davidoff of Geneva, announced today that it has taken over the Danlí, Honduras, and Miami, Florida, based Camacho Cigars from the Eiroa family. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. link it will be interesting to see what if anything changes.
  3. C

    Camacho Corojo Limited - Diploma

    Well, for my first review on these boards, I'll put in my .02 cents on a smoke that truly needs no introduction. As I've mentioned before, I've been away from cigars for a while, but the Camacho Corojos were always in my rotation. Somehow, I never managed to get a hold of a non-Maduro diploma...
  4. R

    Camacho Candela

    Camacho - Robusto A member of this forum sent me a few cigars, this was among them. I had never smoked one before. It was a Camacho, their normal brown wrapper. Don’t believe it was a special line or anything. I am guessing it is the Candela Monarca. 1) Aesthetics: Robustos are my...
  5. PuFf

    Camacho Triple Maduro

    Had my first one this evening at the lounge. I wish I could give a full review, but the lady was with me and Craig also came in which was a very cool, so my attention was elsewhere. It was a bit of a coincidence because the night before last I was checking this cigar out online since I like...
  6. PuFf

    Camacho Triple Maduro

    Just finished a Camacho Triple Maduro at the local lounge, and while it was a great smoke, it didn't compare to the company. The lady drove and had a few cappucinnos while I enjoyed my usual Bookers then had a Blanton's for something different. It was the first time I've had a Blanton's and it...
  7. F

    Camacho 1962 Pre-Embargo

    This is my first time rating a Cigar , so I hope you'll be gentle with me. Since this is a fairly expensive cigar, I thought I should wait for a "special occasion". Well last night, my wife called me on my way home from work and let me know that both boys were sleeping over a friends house and...
  8. S

    pre-embargo camacho 1962

    Who's had it? I saw that awesome rating and am going to add a box to the humi. Since its going to be a while till the box shows up... I'd love to hear what you think abt 'em. john
  9. A

    Camacho Announces New Packaging - Press Release

    Poppa¹s Got A Brand New Bag! The industry¹s most sought after brand just got a face lift! Camacho® Cigars is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned packaging for all Camacho® branded products. The redesign is intended to more clearly communicate the quality and heritage of the...
  10. A

    Camacho Announces Triple Maduro - Press Release

    Effective Immediately - Miami, April 4, 2007 Camacho® Cigars to introduce the first ever Triple Maduro
  11. R


    Hey Guys It strikes me funny that the day after I attend a Camacho Event, the Friday Deal includes Camacho for the first time. Camacho's new look is pretty awesome. The new Diploma box is just incredible, right down to the Camacho emblem on the latch. Wow! Even the yellow Havana box...
  12. S

    REO and Camacho

    got some available REO is torpedo Camacho are camacho Coyolar Puro perfecto #1's pm me for fiver's
  13. C

    Camacho Select vs. Camacho Corojo

    Those familiar with Camacho cigars and Julio and Christian Eiroa probably know about the bet they made, Camacho Select is Julio's blend and Camacho Corojo is Christian's. Whoever sells more cigars in the first twelve months wins the bet. My question is: What is your choice? Which do you prefer...
  14. Z

    Camacho Coyolar- new blend?

    I just smoked a Camacho Coyolar at a local shop today. It was nothing like they've been in the past. Usually the Coyolars have been similar to the Corojos except, IMHO, better. This one tasted more like a Dominican cigar- Fuente, etc. and had a significant nutty flavor and was substantially...
  15. A

    Camacho News

    If you are like me then you love the Camacho Corojo and Diploma. For years the maduro versions of these have been rolled with a mexican maduro wrapper. Camacho just announced that they got such good maduro out of their 04 crop that they are going to start to use Honduran grown corojo wrappers...
  16. S

    Camacho Coyolar Puro

    Camacho Coyolar Puro Perfecto's I got about 10 available....can do all ten or break up into two five packs Pm me if interested Stick
  17. R

    New Camacho Cigars!

    Camacho Corojo El Legend-airo Camacho Select (black/red band) Ravyn and myself had the pleasure of meeting Tom Lazurka from Camacho on Friday. He along with Allegheny Smokeworks in Blawknox, PA were hosting a Camacho event to introduce these new smokes. I do believe that The Smokeworks...
  18. A

    New Camacho

    Camacho is debuting a new blend with a Cameroon wrapper and a corojo binder and filler. I usually dont prefer cameroon, but this cigar sounds like it has a lot of promise. You cameroon junkies out there will be happy with this news..... capt I am looking in your direction :D
  19. S

    CAMACHO corojo

    Would these diferant styles taste about the same or is one better than the other? Camacho Corojo Diploma Ltd. Maduro Camacho Corojo Diploma Ltd Natural Camacho Corojo 07/05 Ltd Camacho Corojo 11/18 Ltd
  20. R

    Camacho Factory Nudes

    I received today a bundle of Camacho Factory Havanas. Churchills. Nice looking cigar, firm, well constructed with the telltale heavy vien wrapper I see with the Camacho's. Well under a buck a smoke. If these came out of the Jamistran valley and smoke as good as they look, that is a...