1. T

    12 days of Christmas- day 2 offer a couple of cigars I would like, but the cigar stable is full right now. The link will take you to each daily offer.
  2. B

    JR Cigars 12 days of Christmas Day 1 today, Great cigar at not a great price, AF free 5 pack included
  3. T

    Early Christmas contest!!

    Ok guys I have a contest. This is a fun one that requires two correct answers and will have a very nice pre xmas prize for the winner. Right now on this date 11/21/2007 I counted all my singles in the humi. Questions are 1) What is the total number of singles I have. 2) How many of...
  4. P

    Early Christmas Present Pass

    Wondering if anyone would be interested a=in getting another pass started as soon as Chris's pass is finished. Seem's everyone enjoy's these boxes coming to their home. PM me if interested. 12 people in the pass seems to be a good number. I will follow Chris's rule's. The lottery will also be...
  5. J

    Christmas gifts

    So what did you all get for goodies?? My wife bought me a box of Rocky Patel Fusion Toro's. They also came with a Rocky Patel humidor 25 to 50ct. The humidor was free with the box of Fusions. It's "ok" and it will be fine on my desk at work My in-laws wanted to get in on the cigar giving...
  6. K

    Christmas (Holiday) Mystery Gift Exchange

    Hey Folks...we had this last year (also a Thanksgiving exchange but I think one might be better) - would anybody be interested in this? I will organize it if there is enough folks who want to do it. Basically, everyone submits their name to me who wants to exchange gifts (cigars...
  7. A

    Whadja get for Christmas?

    So, what did you guys get? Do share :) I got: Don Salvitore humidor Samsonite Leather laptop carry case pair of jeans couple t shirts new shirt and tie for my suitS box of Bolivar 05 Toro Zippo lighter with Air Force theme Zplus insert Rival coffee grinder Mr. Coffee...
  8. A

    merry christmas!!!

    merry christmas to every one! smoke good today and remember CHRISTmas is not about chocolate santas and sparkly trees.
  9. A

    Christmas Mystery Gift results.

    As the packages are being sent out, they are going to start to be recieved as well. When your package gets in, post up what you got! Once everyone has posted what they got, Ill list up the gifting list of who gifted to who.
  10. B

    Christmas present from a loving family member

    My Bro-in-law presented me with a stick on my recent family Christmas at the folks. I appreciate the gesture, I really do.
  11. C

    What are you getting for Christmas?

    I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone is getting for the holdiays this year. My wife will not buy me cigars, but I do know I'm getting an XBOX 360 and some games. What about the rest of you? Anyone getting cigars or anything else of interest?
  12. D

    A Christmas Poem

    "A DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS POEM The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, My daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white transforming the yard to a...
  13. A

    Christmas One Day Deal

    Okay I know it is early but if there is anyone that owes you a gift or if you owe yourself one, set a reminder for Friday to check the site. I can say no more. Well okay, one hint, 20 cigars + 2 accessores MSRP = 290.00, one day price 99.95 Okay now seriously no more. You will have to see...
  14. cybrus

    Christmas Hints

    Now is the time to start hinting that you want these for Christmas: the new Fuente Fuente OpusX Limited Edition collection. Not too expensive!
  15. A

    Idea for Christmas mystery gifting...

    I know its a long way off still but I thought maybe I would bring it up to start discussion on it. I think it would be cool to have like a mystery gift type thing. Everyone who would want to participate would PM their addresses. Once all the addresses where gathered up, I would toss all the...
  16. K

    Christmas In March!

    So, the FedX truck rolls up this morning with a package containing a beautifully boxed matched set of SOL CUBANO CONNECTICUT CHURCHHILLS from The rich wrapper smokes as good as it looks, these will grow a long ash while they provide a creamy smoke with an easy draw that stays lit. My...
  17. R

    My wife surprized me with one of the Christmas gift

    Well I open this box and she got me two Riedel Single malt scotch glasses. I had no idea. She also got me a quick change for my Dillon reloader. My wife rocks Martin