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    HumiForm™ 50 V - Cigar Humidifier

    The HumiForm™ 50 V is designed to fit inside standard 50 or 100 cigar humidors. The capacity is 450 ml (nearly 2 cups) with an estimated refill frequency of every 6 months or so, depending on quantity and dryness of cigars, quality of humidor, and humidity level. Available at
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    Moisture Delivery System

    Wet It and Forget It. Imagine Refilling Your Humidor Only Every 6 to 10 Months - Without the Use of Electricity/Batteries, Sponges, Pouches or Beads. HumiForm™ is a Novel and Patent Pending Moisture Delivery Source for Cigar Humidors. Its Bow Tie Shaped Filament Uniformly Distributes Water...
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    New Modern Portable Cigar Humidor

    Hello fellow cigar lovers! Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I have some exciting news about a brand new product we are looking to begin production on that I think you all will enjoy. The product is called Cigar Locker 2.0 or "CL2", and it is a portable cigar humidor that holds...
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    New Cigar Smoker Experience!

    Hey y'all, so I just wanted to share what I've been smoking / enjoyed in my first year of cigars. So I started last summer, and since then I've been trying to figure out what sticks I most enjoy! My local tobacconist started me out with milds of course, and I did enjoy them, but I've developed a...
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    Cigar Exchange box

    Hey guys long time no see. It's bitter cold in Western PA lately. Was thinking about getting a box together and pass it along with fellow members by mail since all of us smoke different cigars and such. Put in 3 or 4 and take 3 or 4 in exchange. Try to keep a full variety as the box gets passed...
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    Cigar Cabinet Humidor Mold Issue-Advice Needed-Thanks

    I bought a used Montegue End Table Cigar Humidor. He had the shelves on bottom and when got home there was mold on the bottom. Looks like had cigar oasis on shelve in between unit and bottom. You can see dried out green where the slots were. Shame on me for not checking. I see remedies on line...
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    Cigar noob

    Hello folks! I am Daniel and a newbie in the amazing world of cigars. A few weeks ago I found a cigar in one of my drawers (didn't recall where I got it from) and my wife was on a weekend trip with her girlfriends, so I decided to smoke'em along with a nice glass of scotch. Well, I got...
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    Cigar bands

    Just curious, how many of you guys save their bands?
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    Hello cigar people

    Hello from, Eastern Kentucky, never been on a cigar forum before but thought why not and had a question that I needed help with. Caught the cigar bug about 5 years ago at myrtle Beach SC. At a place called nicks cigar shop. Wanted something special to relax with and enjoy on vacation. Knowing...
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    Cigar Enthusiast & Newbie-ish Intro!

    Hello all, V. happy to have found this forum as I've been smoking cigars on and off for a number of years, but not an aficionado in my view. Want to gain more knowledge, advice and tips on best cigars to try and worthwhile accessories (like best cutter, lighter, humidor etc) that don't break...
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    Traficante Cigar Company

    Expanding outside of our zone per se. We haven't had a presence on social media until recently Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Help Identifying Cigar

    Hey everyone! First off, I am very new to cigars and just had my first a few days ago. I came into possession of a few cigars that my father had in his cigar box. He Passed away a few months ago and I wanted to take some to remember him by. Anyway, I was able to research all but one of the...
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    What's up fellow cigar enthusiasts!

    New to this site. Let's see what it's all about. I'm from the Southern California area. Not a total newbie....but just recently took up smoking cigars again and now I'm totally hooked! Hope to get tips and advise from you all. Cheers!
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    An Excellent Talk on Cigar Training by Teodoro Ernesto Lavin Sodi

    On July 27, 2016 there was an event in Club de Industriales in Mexico City on Cigar training. The training event was attended by many cigar experts, enthusiasts and sales agents from many regions of the world. The prominent speaker of the event was Teodoro Lavin Sodi who himself is a cigar...
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    Cigar humidity

    I used hot glue on seals between the glass and wood of my humidor to ensure airtight seal, as well as using vinyl foam tape around the edges of the openings. I have a foam humidifier with PG solution and two preloaded (PG) humistat tubes along with a digital aftermarket hygrometer. I've had...
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    Pepperbox 4-in-1 cigar

    I just tried this cigar: It tasted fine, but was a little mild. Also 1) It didn't burn evenly 2) Near the end, i was inhaling hot ash via the space between all four cigarillos, in the middle. Reminds me of a culebra. A...
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    MD Cigars Deal of the Day

    Hey guys, today's Deal of the Day is a 20ct box of El Ray Del Mundo Robusto Larga 6 x 54 for a great low price check it out here.
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    Excalibur Cigar Club

    Hello to the forum.... the Excalibur Cigar Club is new and is an exclusive member club in Michigan for those who enjoy smoking cigars through social events and gatherings. To find out more visit the website at or visit us on Facebook and remember "Only The Best Wear The...
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    MD Cigars New Years cigar sampler

    Happy Newyears! MD Cigars wishishes everyone a great end of the year with a New Years cigar tasting sampler which include: Arturo Fuente Churchill Ems Oliva Serie g Churchill Natural Root Robusto
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    For Sale: High End Aristocrat DX Cigar Mahogany Cabinet Humidor

    MADE IN USA!! ARISTOCRAT DX Cigar Humidor Cabinet Mahogany Glass Top 33" X 25" 22" USA $785.00 Excellent condition downsizing and selling. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina. As good as it gets. Made by ARISTOCRAT the DX Cabinet Humidor with Glass Top/Wood Edge. Mahogany with Crotch Mahogany...