1. GrouchoM

    My city may hate good cheap cigars...maybe?

    This is for Houston based members (but would love to see if other areas can relate?) After receiving a Vegas 5 Gold as a good recomendation for a good inexpensive smoke. I thought I would definitely add this stick to my list of buys, but on further reflection I concluded that my B&M and most...
  2. C

    Utah - Salt Lake City

    Hey there fellow Cigar friends. Wondering if anyone on this forum is in the Salt Lake area?? Planning a cigar party for the club 'ghost smoke' and want to invite all in the area.... TIA Capino
  3. B

    Seattle - Rain City Tasting 3/9

    Anyone going to be at the Rain City Montecristo tasting this Friday afternoon?
  4. R

    Tuscaloosa city ban

    Smoking indoors was banned in the Tuscaloosa, AL city limits. The only places that allow smoking indoors are the restraunts that turn into bars at 10 p.m. Also bars still allow smoking. They are trying to ban smoking indoors for good bars and all 24 hours a day.
  5. G

    City smoking ban passes, kicks in June 1

    The Fort Wayne City Council on Tuesday approved one of the strictest smoking bans across Indiana, prohibiting people from lighting up in almost any indoor workplace. ban prohibits people from smoking in almost any public place
  6. G

    Maine City Bans Smoking in Cars With Children

    Judges determining parental custody and visitation have, in more than a dozen states, ordered a parent not to smoke around a child. An Ohio court last year gave custody of a 6-year-old boy to his father solely because the boy’s mother and her fiancé smoked. smoke police
  7. G

    Atlantic City casinos facing smoking ban...

    Atlantic City, N.J., may extend a statewide ban on smoking in public places to its popular casinos, which so far have been exempted. health endangered by tobacco smoke.
  8. G

    Belmont to be first U.S. city to ban all smoking..

    Belmont is set to make history by becoming the first city in the nation to ban smoking on its streets and almost everywhere else. Armed with growing evidence that second-hand smoke causes negative health effects,
  9. T

    Music City Sit Down

    April 8, 2006, Nashville, TN. Who wants in? I will be there, barring an unforseen horrific plane crash. Place/time to be determined.
  10. D

    Ybor City

    Going south in a few weeks hopefully, to Tampa. THink I will hit Ybor City and check out the stores. Fuente has a web site and a store there. You can get the Tampa Sweethearts from them and some of the other cigars. They had Hemingways on the web site, wonder if they sell singles or boxes...
  11. U

    Ybor City

    My wife calls me at work today and tells me that we are going to Tampa Bay in September. I asked her for what? Are we going to see the Jets for a road game? She tells me no, but her aunt has invited us down, and her uncle wants to take me fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. She rambles on off how...
  12. N

    Atlantic City Big Smoke

    I see that this event is scheduled for May 13/14. Is it worth going to? I might consider if some of my forum friends are going to attend? Help me out. Need some advice. Malone PS:Should I change my name now that you know Malone is not me but my Grandson? Need your opinion? Do you suggest a...