1. G

    Black Pearl Coffee

    Over the past thirty years I have tried a lot of exotic coffees. Kilimanjaro reserve, Java Estate, A dozen different pounds of Jamaican Blue Mountain , Some private reserve coffee given to me by an Indian colleague from his parents plantation in south central India. A month or so ago I...
  2. T

    Dr. Rosenfeld gives Kudos for coffee on FOX

    After years of baloony about the harmful effects of coffee we are finally getting the truth, coffee is good for you, and the mnore the better. :thumbsup:
  3. B

    Gurkha Coffee?

    Has anyone ever tried Gurkha's coffee? Is it any good? Where do you get it? Cheers! Matt
  4. J

    Fratello Coffee Roasters

    One of my favorite sources for great pod coffees is the Canadian company, Fratello Coffee Roasters. Right now I am enjoying a 2007 Cup of Excellence pod from the La Divina Providencia of El Salvador. It is a sweet coffee with a hint of black cherry and chocolate, very full bodied. Fratello...
  5. J

    Roasting Coffee With A Popcorn Popper...with photos

    Home Roasting Coffee Using a Poppery Popcorn Popper I guess the question is WHY would someone want to roast their own coffee? Some answers are it is cheaper in the long run, you have more control over what you drink but the overwhelming answer would be a truly better brew than anything you can...
  6. C

    Getting into coffee

    Hey guys, i guess it was only time until i started getting into coffee but i am going to start out getting into coffee now and I was wondering what some of your guys' favorite blends/roasts are and also, if i don't have a local gourmet coffee bean dealer, where would i buy from?
  7. PuFf

    Coffee of the Month Clubs?

    Does anybody belong to or know of any good coffee of the month clubs?
  8. J

    What are your coffee related memories?

    I was lucky enough to have lived during the period when many US cities were still a bundle of ethnic neighborhoods and coffee houses were THE place. In the Turkish neighborhood you found coffee so thick and sweet you ladled it, instead of pouring it. In the Italian neighborhood you found ornate...
  9. G

    Smoke Jumper Coffee

    I just noticed the is selling this coffee has anyone tried it?
  10. B

    Sumatran Coffee. I Have Been Getting . . .

    exceptional Sumatran from Oren's here in NYC for at least a year. What I hear from others in the know, who run their own establishments, or are very well hooked in to the grapevine of the coffee world, it is indeed a good time for the variants of Sumatran coffee. If you haven't tried Sumatran...
  11. rmrdaddy

    New coffee

    Hey all! Don't know if you have ever used them, but check out for some excellent coffee.... I received a special blend from Jerry last week, just brewed up a pot, and boy-o-boy, what a great product!!!
  12. V

    Gurkha Premium Coffee?

    OK, I love Coffee and Cigars and yes, I do love a great Gurkha Cigar. I did not know that Gurkha has a line of Premium Coffee. For more infor you can visit:, on the home page, look to the left colum, near the botom under "other gifts" and you will see "Gurkha...
  13. V

    Coffee, Did u say COFFEE?

    I love cooffe as much as I love cigars. This is a Brand from Peet's Coffee (Berkely Based,1966 est.). It's called JR Reserve Blend® A blend of full-bodied (not very full-bodied) coffees a bright liveliness with exceptionally complex flavors revealing hints of spiciness and chocolate. Ok...
  14. cybrus

    Got some new coffee!

    Just stopped down at the local roaster to pick up some beans. Decided to try some new ones. Picked up a half pound of both: Venezuela Maracaibo (mild) - Venezuela Grown high in the Andes Mountains, the fruity flavor is a choice of coffee connoisseurs. Celebes Kalossi (medium) - Indonesia...
  15. G

    Uncle Beanz "Taina" coffee

    I received a sample of Uncle Beanz "Tania" beans. My wife and I enjoyed the aroma while grinding the beans and while the coffee was brewing. The coffee was a full bodied coffee with hints of a carmel and both of us enjoyed it to the last drop. The first cup I enjoyed by itself and the second...
  16. N

    Your rules for coffee

    Take a minute to share yer do's and don'ts with coffee. First up.....Never critique anyone's method for making coffee when visiting someones home. Just enjoy the cup. Whatever it is.
  17. B

    Coffee pass

    So who is up for another coffee pass? I don't care if it is home roasted or store bought. just something you are liking right now. maybe a hlaf pound to a pound and a cigar or two. Who is interested? we can work out the details later.
  18. A


    Great Forum! Can anyone advise me on what coffee maker gives the hottest coffee?I have tried many brands and cannot get one that delivers truely hot coffee.Coffee that's almost too hot to drink. Do any of the current makers do this?I realize this is a relative term.But I'm sure you know what I...
  19. A

    "Decaf" Coffee

    This is interesting. Is decaf coffee really decaffeinated? ... index.html
  20. T

    Gourmet coffee

    Hello to everyone. I've been coming to this site for some time now, but just signed up to post recently. :)