1. S

    Cohiba 2015 limited Real ?

    I imagine this has been asked plenty of times so please bare with me. An employee of mine recently brought back a box of Cohiba 2015 limited . My concern is are they real or not. From what I can tell, the box looks legit, the band, triple cap, even color etc. But I'm no expert. Also, I can't...
  2. J

    Counterfeit Cohiba Esplendidos

    A very nice friend of mine brought me back a box of cigars from the DR and it was obvious to me they were fakes. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. They sort of taste like seconds you'd get in your neighborhood cigar store. Not terrible, not great. What...
  3. S

    Plume or Mold

    You can see the white streak on the left, but it is a very light white dust all over the wrapper evenly. :confused: :rolleyes:
  4. M

    Cohiba Siglo VI and Romeo Y Julieta No 1 and 2

    Hey Not sure how much this forum is checked out, so thought I would give myself some more scope to sell and also post in the general forum. I have Cohiba Siglo VI (6", 2 of) and Romeo Y Julieta No.1 and No.2 Cigars for sale, in the classifieds forum...
  5. M

    For Sale: Cohiba Siglo VI & Rome Y Julieta No1 and 2

    Hi I have some Cigars I brought back from Cuba, and would like to sell them if anyone is interested: Cohiba Siglo VI 6" (I have two of these) - £15 each Romeo Y Julieta No.1 5.5" - £8 Romeo Y Julieta No.2 5" - £6 Each in their respective aluminium tubes. Posted recorded post...
  6. G

    Hell EveryOne !!! cohiba smoker !!!

    Hello I'm new to the forum I am a great smoker of cigar !! My favorites that I buy all the time are the cohiba and monte cristo ! Just talk about cigars, makes me want to smoke ;-) I also love with a good glass of porto or rhum (only brown) and playing a good game of poker! Speaking of...
  7. B128thopen

    Cohiba Siglo VI ~ Gran Reserva

    I was given 2 of these by a good friend the other day. Purchased from a reputable store we all know and buy from. This is quite possibly the greatest cigar I will ever have the pleasure of smoking! I am usually not a Cohiba fan. They are usually a little strong for me. This cigar is not like...
  8. B128thopen

    Cohiba Behike

    Going to get this rolling right! I was given a Cohiba Behike by my (hopefully) future boss yesterday. Said we would smoke it when the smoke settled. I never thought I would get my hands on one of these bad boys! But here she is! I will let you know how AMAZING it is when I smoke it! :p...
  9. C

    Cohiba Sublime EL 2004

    Cohiba Sublime Edicion Limitada 2004 Box Code: Unknown Measurements: 6 ½ x 54 Size: Sublime (Double Robusto) Pre light It’s a nice, sunny day here in Ohio, and I’ve got the day off from work. I decided I needed a great cigar to celebrate my recent promotion. I opened up the humidor and...
  10. K

    Cohiba Maduro Secreto

    This brand new offering celebrated it's 30 day anniversary in my humidor by being burned up. To start with it is a beautiful dark wrapper and the pre-light draw is a bit tight which I remedied with the help of the infamous Henry Tool from Barcochris. It has a bit of a sweet draw. The...
  11. G

    New Cohiba Maduros

    Has anyone tried the new Cuban Cohiba Maduro 5 cigars?
  12. C

    Cohiba Maduro

    bout to light this baby up!
  13. Doc-T

    Cohiba Black

    Anyone tried this cigar yet? What was your experience? Is it worth the price tag?
  14. C

    I saw a bunch of Cohiba Qs at Busch Stadium Today

    After the Cardinals claimed the World Series, I was walking around Busch Stadium with my friends and visited ballpark staples such as Mike Shannon's, TGIF, Hooters, and Paddy O's. At each of these locations, I spotted individuals celebrating with a stogie in their hands and laughing it up...
  15. M

    Cohiba Red Dots

    Just wanted to let anyone who likes these that my local shop is blowing out the remainder of thier inventory of these for half price. If you are looking for sizes/prices let me know and I'll swing by.
  16. C

    Cohiba ? - Not a Red Dot

    A friend gave me this cigar and I can't find it on the web. The band has Cohiba Limited Reserve on it. Its not a red dot - not made for sale in the U.S. I know there are some D.R. Cohiba's made exclusively for sale in the D.R. - could it be one of those? Is it Cuban? :D Is it a...
  17. A

    General Announces Cohiba Black

    See below press release. GENERAL CIGAR UNVEILS COHIBA BLACK New York, NY—On the heels of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling which affirmed General Cigar’s exclusive ownership of the COHIBA brand in the U.S., General Cigar is proud to unveil COHIBA® BLACK, a super premium collection that...
  18. Doc-T

    Question about authenticity of Cohiba Aniversario Linea 1492

    My co-worker gave me a Cohiba Aniversario Linea 1492, 7 x 50 churchill shape, ISOM. How do I know it's real or not? I've googled "Cohiba" along with variations to include Aniversario, Linea, 1492, but can't seem to find the band that I have. I've come up with the Linea 1492 Humidor series, but...
  19. C

    Cuban Cohiba Siglo VI (review)

    At first glance I noticed how big it was incomparison to my normal Partagas SD4. Nice ring guage much the same compared to the Montecristo in my opinion. Felt nice and silky. I used a Xikor cigar cutter and snipped the end off. A perfect cut - I was a happy man. I gently smelled the cigar and it...
  20. C

    Cohiba Red Dot Cigars for Sale

    I have a particular size available in small quantities. PM me if you are interested.