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    Please Help! Up and Coming Distributor!

    Hello everyone, I need some advice on selling cigars as i am new to this. As for some quick background information, my name is Brandon Duran and my father and I have some very special connections to cigar manufacturers in the Dominican Republic, and are able to buy many of these $13-$25...
  2. T

    Promotion coming up. . .

    I need a great cigar to celebrate with. Any suggestions? I'm wanting something that I wouldn't smoke just any day. It's got to be special. You see, I am only 20 years old. I didn't go to college. This promotion is basically proving to everybody that doubted me that I made it. It's a manager...
  3. C

    Birthday Coming Up

    Hey guys...i'm turning 21 on this Saturday, March 15th....what are your thoughts on what type of drinks to try out (it is all paid for all night long, so no price limit, goin to different bars around town, and a limo) and what should I buy as my first bottle of alcohol?!?! I'm looking forward to...
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    My Birthdays coming soon

    ok its in a few week and i wanted a great cigar.its going to be my 50th.ouch that hurt thinking it is one thing but writing and then reading it yuck... :roll: and no this isnt a trick to get any im not part of the birthday club thing..but just wanted to know.maybe my wife will read this.ty
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    So I was coming out of the library....

    ...and noticed a shelf full of books for sale. The one that caught my eye was a book about our flag, but after looking a little further, I found a cigar book. While not a book that tells about the orgin of certain cigars, it is a nifty little book none the less. By little, I do me little...
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    Any sitdowns coming up ?

    I am all the way over in the UK and at the end of the year/start of next I am planning to have some time off and I thought what better than jumping on a plane and popping across the pond, I wondered if anyone could advise me of any sitdowns or meetings or whatever cigar related I could get...
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    One Day Deal COMING

    Guys, Be sure to check out the site tomorrow. A killer one day deal is coming up. My only hint will be that it inolves the Rocky Patel Vintage line. I am sure one of you will find it before it goes live anyway.
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    AAHHHHH! Run the beetles are coming

    Help i think i might have beetles. I Just sat down to have a smoke and relax for the rest of the night. I was sitting there admiring the Beauty of this cigar and basking in the flavor when i noticed 4 little holes)lick pin holes) in the wrapper right about were the label woudl have...
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    Coming Friday Deal

    Okay, I never tip my hat this far in advance, but start saving for this Friday. It is going to be one of the best deals in 2006. All I am sharing is that it is one of my favorite brands, 20 cigars, $34.95 If you buy one deal this year, this one should be it. A true favorite and a great...
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    Coming Soon to

    Guys, It is coming soon and is a work in progress. Should be full steam after Valentines day but it should be fun page to stop in on from time to time. Product will be rotating regularly since everything is in such a limited quantity. The page is also in bold on the page with the list of...
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    Birthday Gifts Coming in

    Gifts started coming in on Thursday Starting with Tiny Tim's: Roky Patel Conneticut Puros Indios (a fat mutha) it took almost the whole Pittsbugh win on Sunday to smoke it. rdesantos: Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion Torp CAO Braizilla Piranha Arturo Fuente Hemingway Shortstory MP5...
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    Gurkha Pre Embargos Coming Back

    We just scored some more of these and will start selling them again next week in the Robusto size. What a great smoke. It has a 10 year old dominican sungrown wrapper on it grown by the toranos. UMMMMMMMMMM.... okay just talking about it is making me need to go smoke one. Later guys.
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    ...And this weekend was coming to such a nice close

    Well, the annual fireworks display held by my town just finished and I get a call from back east. It turns out my uncle, who is also my godfather, is in the hospital...and it doesn't look good. He was admitted last week after having breathing problems and his lungs have massive tissue damage...