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    Acquiring Cubans

    I've noticed on several forums that people here in the US are getting the higher quality cubans, particularly the Cohiba Siglo series', and Por Larranagas Petite Coronas of very recent manufacture pretty regularly. Is there some loophole my newbie a$$ is unaware of, or do these people just have...
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    white house petition to legalize cuban cigars Please help me get Cubans in your humidor. Take a minute and fallow the link to sign a petition to the White House.
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    I thought that there were no Maduro Cubans?

    My friend got a box of Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos. Came from a reliable dealer. I was told that Cuban cigars may be dark, but not Maduro?
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    not ready for cubans pt2

    I have another question regarding the limited edition cubans, if it says edicion limitada 2004 does that mean it was made in 2004 and when i bought it, it has already been aged for 2 years? or do they keep making the 2004 limited editions still? And thanks to everyone for all the helpful...
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    not ready for cubans

    Hi, Im new to this forum, I have been smoking cigars for about a year now and I love them. I recently got some cuban cohibas including the siglo VI and the 2004 limited edition. Ive somoked some good padrons, romeo y julietas, arturo fuentes among others but I dont know If Im ready to smoke...
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    Fuente Chateau Cubans (Not Habanos)

    Has anybody had these? They sound really good with the Sun Grown Wrapper but I don't want to just buy them because they sound good.
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    Question re: Diploma and Cubans

    Hi everyone, I am new here to the forums and I had a couple of questions. I have been smoking cigars for quite a while but until recently I never even thought about buying them online or the fact that there are lots of people to talk to and get info from online (I don't know ANYBODY...
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    Cigars other than cubans

    I lived in Guayaquil, Ecuador for about three years with my wife that is from there and I just love the local cigars. Some are even better than the cubans I've tried. Anyone on here have a cigar or experienced cigars from other latin countries than were excellent. I will be moving back...
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    If Cubans were legal via the internet

    If the terms of the Cuban embargo were modified tomorrow to allow internet sales to the USA, what Cuban cigars would you order and why? Malone Purely an academic question- I do not abide the breaking of our laws.
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    Cubans and Aging

    Still being new to and never having the pleasure of smoking a true Cuban cigar, are they that much better than other imports. From some of the other threads I have read, it's seems like a lot of risk and effort to get and enjoy a Cuban. But I guess any thing worth enjoying is worth a little...
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    Opus X and Cubans Move Over

    Okay, as some of you know I am kind of an opus nut but I have now located my replacement smoke that is better, cheaper, and oh my god I cant say enough. Camacho Corojo Ltd. I just smoked the diploma and I am not sure I can really ever enjoy another cigar. The benchmark has been set. Body and...
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    Pre-embargo cubans

    Are these really any good? I was looking into purchasing a box of Gurkha Pre Embargo Cubans and was wondering if it was worth it. I know cigars start to lose their flavor after awhile and was wondering if anybody has dealt with these before. Thanks.