1. B128thopen

    Anyone Else Drink Tea?

    Does anyone else drink tea? I wanted to be a little healthier this year so I thought about switching from coffee to tea in the mornings. A few tea stores recently opened near me and I went in one to just look around and ask some questions. An older lady who was full of a wealth of knowledge...
  2. G

    The perfect drink

    I am always on the lookout for the perfect drink to accompany my favorite cigar. The other day I opened a bottle of wine that was a Christmas gift; it was a very dry wine and completely ruined the taste of my cigar. What do you like to have to drink to enhance your smoking pleasure? I...
  3. P

    Best drink to go with a medium-full cigar?

    what do you find is the best? Something nice and strong to have with ice but yet something that doesnt hide the cigars rich taste? opinions? Dave
  4. J

    Graycliffe VIntage 1999 + Good Drink

    I'm celebrating a friend's birthday on Jan 3rd and he won't accept any gifts. So I figure I'll bring a graycliffe cigar and a good beverage to go with it. Any reccomendations? Thanks!
  5. H

    quick- someone suggest what i should drink tonight with opus

    im gonna have my first opus x tonight, any drink suggestions other than a straight whiskey? tia -matt
  6. B

    What did you drink today?

    Went over to a friend's house and sipped a lovely glass of Balvenie PortWood. It was perfect with the PSD4 I was smoking.
  7. C

    When do you drink beer???

    I have been asked this question and my answer is "always." When is your favorite time to enjoy beer? Mine is in the evening, after work. My job can be hell at times and the best is to come home to a loving wife, a cold beer, and a cigar.
  8. R

    good drink?

    whats a good drink that adds that finishing touch on a good evening smoke
  9. A

    What to drink while smoking.

    My first post. this is a tale of 2 Cusano C18s. The first one was wonderful, very smooth and creamy. I forgot what I was drinking at that time, most likely a Brooklyn or Victory beer. Last night I had the Cusano with some iced tea. I found that I didn't enjoy the cigar nearly as much as...
  10. C

    Favorite cigar and drink

    What cigar/drink combinations are your favorites? I will list my two: 1. Cohiba (Red Dot) Toro with Grand Marnier 2. Cohiba (cuban) Siglo II with Glenlivet 18yr I hope you will all list a couple. I have found it hard to find matches that don't over-power each other. I look forward...
  11. C

    Just found the ghettoest drink in the world

    Went on a commisary run with a friend of mine. Bourbon with no tax :D :D . They had an end cap display with a new product called Sizzurp, a purple punch liqueur. The name cracks me up everytime I think about it. Just sounds so ghetto fabulous. Turns out sizzurp is slang for "mizture of...
  12. N

    Favorite drink for cleaning your palate?

    To really taste and enjoy a cigar I prefer cold water, this tends to enhance taste for me the best. Was wondering what the forum favorite was/is. I also like ice tea on occasion. Scotch compliments a cigar as well, but masks a lot of flavors. Not something I would really call a palate...
  13. V

    Smoke and Drink?

    Greetings and salutations. For some time I've been enjoying the occasional [once or twice per year] cigar. I have recently been looking into the higher end cigars to enjoy with more frequency. I've already learned a thing or two from this forum that has helped me more thoroughly enjoy the...
  14. B

    It may be way too warm and humid to drink . . .

    bourbon and rye, . . . but I can THINK about it. I think I'm getting bourbonsick and ryesick. Ahm tieuhd ob dwinking wum and giwn. Ah don' wan' dwink wum and giwn no maw. I wan' my buwbun 'n' wye. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! :cry: But it's mid-August. Tomorrow is...