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    Something for fall

    I am trying to find a good fall smoke. I was thinking CandD Autumn Evening for the maple flavor. Is there anything else in the genre that is a better bet?
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    Fall Forum Give away

    Well as a way to get things moving it is time for a giveaway. This is a great package to the winner. Here's how the Giveaway will work: * To be eligible, you must be a registered member of the EOTAC Forum; * To register for the giveaway, post a reply under this heading saying "Register me"...
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    Fall Pass 08

    Ok I will be posting the pass order tomorrow. :twisted: But I thought I would put up the contents since I got it typed out 601 Red Robusto 601 Black Robusto 601 Green Robusto 601 Blue Robusto Opus X Robusto Padron 64 Mad. Torp Gran Habano 3 Singlos Vegas Cubanas Generosos CAO Cameroon Robusto...
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    Fall Box Pass

    I'm looking for 12 people to join in a fall box pass. You need 30 posts and at least 2 Good Trader Posts. We will be using the same basic rules that we have been in previous passes. 1. I will establish the order of the pass more or less geographically from west to east. The order is subject to...
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    The air is cooler, the leaves are changing, and warm apple cider with spiced rum is on my mind. To those who have read my cigar catalog ( http://cigar.ambackforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=40819 ) you all know what this means... time to break out the Cusano 97 corojo. FOr some reason, this...
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    Fall pas sign up

    Falls Pass Anyone interested in a fall Pass?
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    George T. Stagg Fall 2005 Edition. It seems to take . . .

    forever, like almost to the bottom of the bottle, before I "get" these George T. Stagg offerings. They certainly are unique. They are higher in proof than any other bourbon that's been seen in modern times, and of an unusually high proof for any widely marketed spirit. This one is 141.2 proof...
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    Initial Thoughts On George T. Stagg Fall 2005 . . .

    edition bourbon. Just so we don't continue to turn the Larue thread into a Stagg thread. :wink: :cryinlaugh: First off, let's review the history of George T. Stagg bourbon. Everything that I have read independently or heard from my whiskey sensei about this bourbon has made me believe...
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    Two days till Fall

    And I'm gonna sit down with a Fuente Canones, Maduro. It'll take a couple hours out of the evening.