1. R

    Did I jump in too fast

    I have been reading here for a long time(over a year) but just had not taken the first step by purchasing. In the past I have smoked some OK stuff(macanudo) but am wanting to try better things. Well this fridays one day deal caught my eye and I made the purchase. Now for the problem. I...
  2. elidog

    Suggestions needed fast

    I'm heading to a nice cigar store in Birmingham this afternoon and would like a few suggested smoke to try. I like something from medium to full best. Thanks!
  3. R

    How fast should a cigar be smoked?

    Rule of thumb, how long should a robusto cigar last? If it last only 25 or 30 min. does that mean I am smoking it too fast?
  4. M

    need help, fast

    hey guys, my buddy is getting married tomorrow. i made him some candlesticks already and was wanting to throw in some wine...i know nothing about wine, and they do. so i dont want to get something crappy, because they could be able to tell... so what is pretty good in the 25 dollar range? if...