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    For Trade: Game Online

    Bonus is something can bring a lot of fun as well as benefits to players when gamble in online casino sites. You can find hundreds of online casinos in Malaysia with many types of bonus. However, bonus is not free and there are terms and conditions to be able receive them. If you want to get a...
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    New Name, New Game

    My long lost friends, where is the chat room? This is formerly Red-Raider!! Coming back for a visit and hopefully stay awhile.
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    Championship Game Cigars. . . .

    Just lit a Savinelli Nicaraguan Reserve Churchill at 1735 hours, well aged, at least a year in my own humidors. These can take up to 18 months of aging and still taste rich and kick a little. After that, they can flatten out. My sentimental favorite is the Saints, but if the Bears win...
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    Another game, Total run around

    OK, here’s on that’s sure to get your research juices flowing. Answer this one and I got a real treat in store for the winner. What is, or was, the duration of the longest continuous turning wheel on the face of the earth, as in; is it a clock part, a dam turbine or maybe an old waterwheel at a...
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    New game - Small Trick or Treat!

    I have number between 1 - 100 1 guess per person for today only! If you guess the number & I'll send you a cigar. H.H. CC :twisted:
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    Drunk BLOOF Game!!!!!

    Post your score!!!! How far Can you get bloofington to walk while drunk!!!
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    Beer Game: Here ya go Bloof! Run across a 'futbol' soccer field with a beer in hand.. but dont spill it... avoid the players and random dogd