1. V

    Lemoncella, gift from Capri.

    Well, boys and girls I had a nice surprise the other day. The nice lady who lives next door came back from a trip to Italy with a present for me. Yes, it was a bottle of Lemoncella. This particular bottle was from a small producer on the Isle of Capri. I have had many different brands of...
  2. T

    My wifes xmas gift

    My wife got me a triple flame lighter for xmas. I have head mixed reviews about these here and on the net. I must say I love it. It light a cigar with ease. No twisting to get the flame to cover the whole foot. Just my two cents..
  3. J

    Yippie! $ 200 Gift Certificate for

    So my parents gave me an early Christmas gift and got me a gift certificate of $ 200 for But I'm not sure what to order. The only cigar's I've really liked are the Tatuaje, and they aren't currently in stock. I tried an Arturo Fuente Hemmingway short story, and liked that...
  4. K

    Christmas (Holiday) Mystery Gift Exchange

    Hey Folks...we had this last year (also a Thanksgiving exchange but I think one might be better) - would anybody be interested in this? I will organize it if there is enough folks who want to do it. Basically, everyone submits their name to me who wants to exchange gifts (cigars...
  5. C

    funny x-mas gift showed up today.

    Hey if there is anybody still on this site from like "JULY" when we ordered those Romeo & Juliette cigars. We'll mine just showed up today. Wow. I just assumed they got lost or the order never went through. well what a nice little surprise for the holidays. Funny how these things work out.
  6. A

    Christmas Mystery Gift results.

    As the packages are being sent out, they are going to start to be recieved as well. When your package gets in, post up what you got! Once everyone has posted what they got, Ill list up the gifting list of who gifted to who.
  7. M

    Gift of a Lifetime - Need Help Planning

    Well, when I married my beautiful wife I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world, then I recieved an unthinkable wedding gift and now really feel lucky. I have been blessed with getting a 110 ft yacht for the week of 4th of July with a full 6 man crew, gally, the works :D See link below...
  8. A

    Suggestions for gift...

    I know absolutely nothing about cigars, except that my fiance loves them. I'd like to get him a gift for Christmas (cigars) but have no idea what to get. I don't want to spend a fortune, but neither do I want to buy him something awful. Some ideas on what cigar lovers would like to see under...
  9. D

    Cigars as a gift

    Hey everyone, I'm having my first baby in Nov and would like to know what kind of cigar I should buy to pass out to everyone. I don't want to break the bank for people that probably won't smoke it for more than 5 min and I don't want to buy crap either. Something that's mild yet tasty and that...
  10. C

    Anonymous Birthday Gift

    I wanted to say thank you to whoever sent me the Cusano C10 Robusto for a birthday gift. Intentionally or not, you left your return address blank and there was no note inside. I am interested to know who sent it so if you can PM me I would appreciate it. Thanks again.
  11. C

    For My Dads Fathers Day Gift

    Ever since our June Newsletter came out, my dad has been going on and on about the Chicago Chophouse. Everyday he talks about how it must be such a nice place, and after he read how he really wants to go. I took the hint. I'm taking him there tonight. On fathers day he opened a travel...
  12. R

    My wife surprized me with one of the Christmas gift

    Well I open this box and she got me two Riedel Single malt scotch glasses. I had no idea. She also got me a quick change for my Dillon reloader. My wife rocks Martin
  13. R

    Some times these gift exchanges are great

    Tuesday my wife and I went to a Christmas party for her professionals group (a bunch of hoteler accountants). So we are told no more then 10 dollars, my wife looks for something we could use and decided to give these three small lenox picture frames, about $25.00. Well we start going through the...
  14. B

    A Beautiful and Profound Gift. . . .

    As I got ready to leave for work late Wednesday night, I opened up the front door to the house to check out the night and get some extra fresh air and found a box wedged in between the screen door and the main door. I knew right away since it was unexpected who it had to be from. Yup, FedEx...
  15. T

    Single Malt gift

    The Dalmore Cigar Malt Single Highland Malt Scotch. Haven't yet had it, but am intrigued enough to try. Just chilly enough here in the Boston 'burbs to sit out front and have at it. I'm like a giddy school girl.