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    Cool looking Gold Bar Lighter FREE it is up just for today Shipping is $4.75 :thumbsup:
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    Gurkha Hansotia Gold

    Does anybody have an opinion on this cigars? Would be interested to hear reviews of it - picks or pans. It isn't on the Cigar Review There is a special on them... Wondering if it is worth the effort. I have already exceeded my cigar budget, but... Thanks. Todd
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    CAO Announces Gold Maduro

    This is taken from a press release from today. Nashville, March 27, 2007: CAO, one of the world’s foremost premium cigar manufacturers, today announced the release of CAO Gold Maduro, an innovative hybrid of their highly rated CAO Gold brand. Introduced in 1996, the CAO Gold line has...
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    5 Vegas Gold

    Been home about 6 weeks now, and have been trying bunches of different cigars. I bought a box of 5 Vegas Gold, a box of Cu Avano, a bundle of JR alternative Macanudo Hyde Park and a box of Belinda Black. Also picked up a few assorted sticks here and there. I'm a little disappointed in the...
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    Rangers win the gold and silver!!

    Alright, maybe just Lundqvist and Nieminen. It'll hold them over for a couple of months until they get to drink from Lord Stanley's cup :wink: I felt bad for Nieminen though, the Fins dominated the tournament.