1. B

    Deal too good to be true?

    Hello all. I'm a new smoker and started hanging around the local cigar lounge has humidors on the wall, all under lock and key. They offer them for a 1 year rental for $500 but with it you get 10% off all drinks and a $500 gift card to the place. Should I hop all over this?
  2. R

    Am I Smoking Anything Good?

    Guys I have had a few cigars over the years but am now trying at least 1 stick a day. I have been ordering Sampler Packs for the last year from various places in the US. I am in Canada. I have found a few cigars that I really liked. The sort that you wish there was another 10 min's in them and a...
  3. GrouchoM

    My city may hate good cheap cigars...maybe?

    This is for Houston based members (but would love to see if other areas can relate?) After receiving a Vegas 5 Gold as a good recomendation for a good inexpensive smoke. I thought I would definitely add this stick to my list of buys, but on further reflection I concluded that my B&M and most...
  4. R

    Humidor any good?

    A friend quit smoking cigars a few years ago and gave me his desktop humidor that he bought off amazon. It is one of those glass top ones. The cost around 25-30 Dollars. I enjoy the occasional cigar and was thinking of stocking this one up. The only problem is that my friend, after quiting...
  5. S

    Good morning from Colorado

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to this awesome cigar obsession! I'm looking forward to all of your advise and I will post reviews and issues I have as well. Good to meet everyone and I'm Steve
  6. K

    Best Small Cigar Within A Good Price Range

    Just last night I purchased a pack of 6 Antonio y Cleopatra Grenadier cigars and actually enjoyed the experience. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a cigar, preferably hand made although machine made will work as well, that is about the same size as the grenadiers or even the...
  7. M

    Is this sampler a good deal? please help! :) im going to puerto rico july 4th, i reallllly want to try an undercrown, they seem great... this sampler happens to have one and is pretty cheap, also for my trip to puerto rico i plan on buying...
  8. T

    Victor Sinclair -do they make anything good ?

    I've tried a few, one even was pretty fancy with a blue ribbon. Wouldn't buy any I tried again tho. I spotted an old thread that had nice things to say about the Bohemians.
  9. S

    It's good to be back!

    I was a member here years ago when cigars were a big part of my life. Guess it's been longer than I realized, since my old login info wasn't even valid. I continued to smoke on rare occasion, but not at the level I once used too. Now that I'm getting divorced, I plan to participate in one of my...
  10. A

    A good tea for the wedding?

    My fiance is from Eastern Europe that I am planning on building a dream marriage! it has been her dream to serve a good cup of tea when we will be serving the cake on our wedding. Any good recommendations?
  11. M

    $100 of free good with Box of Drew Estate Cigars

    Today's Email Specials from: WWW.MDCIGARS.COM These specials are good from September 25th to October 3rd or while supplies last! Click on the link below to see the specials in HTML We have lots of swag left over from our last Drew Estate Event, so...
  12. N

    Another Good Deal

    This was an old link I had saved and a new deal poped up. Also sounds like a no brainer.
  13. N

    Good Deal

    Saw this on HCF thought I would share it.
  14. A

    Good beer

    Just got into Alaskan Amber- very good beer!
  15. A

    after smoking some "good" stix. . .

    ima newb, but after smoking stix for a couple of months, i have decided that cigarettes are an insult to tobacco
  16. C

    How good is a humidor ($30.00)

    Evening Gents, Here's my predicament. I have 2 orders comming in about a day apart from one another. Currently, I own 1 glass top humidor that holds a 25-50 cigar capacity (I plan on keeping around 20-25 cigars in there max) monitored by a prometheus digital hydrometer. Tomorrow, I will...
  17. T

    It's been a good week (Several Pics enclosed)

    Well I guess I went a little overboard trying to catch up. I ended up selling my motorcycle when my son was born almost three weeks ago so I had a little extra cash lying around. The birth of my son also lead to my smoking a Cohiba Robusto from the ISOM that rekindle the joy in cigars that I...
  18. S

    Good Pipe Tobacco

    Just wanted to let you guys know of a great place to get sampler of pipe tobacco. Cornell & Diehl blends their own tobaccos. They have a huge number of blends to try. You can create your own samplers. Sam
  19. C

    What is a Pif split from good traders

    Hi all, I have been in the forum for a little over a month now. Realy starting to learn quite a bit just reading, and asking some questions. My question today is what is a PIF?
  20. H

    Good Humidor???

    I have been looking for a 300 ct. humidor and can only find this on one of the hundres of websites that are out there. And I am wondering if anyone has any input or advice on this model. Any and all opions greatly anticiapated. Thanks.