1. M

    For Trade: Great Blue Slots - Research and free play

    Great Blue Slot Game high a wrong slot or also known as volatile. This means in layman's terms is the Great Blue tends to pay big. The down side though this is just like all slot machines are very volatile and the variance is high, the Great Blue can go to what seems like a long lean spell...
  2. GrouchoM

    Making America great again...
  3. C

    Here is a great win for the little guy

    This is the place I am a member. They have been fighting in court for quite awhile ... 30-ON.html
  4. B

    Some great Info

    seals and box codes basic info
  5. C

    Ashton VSG Sorcerer Box Split at a Great Price

    I just purchased a box of these and saved about 30% off MSRP. I want to keep 10 for myself, and I'm looking for three people interested in fivers. Please send me a PM for details.
  6. C

    Great beer with a cigar

    Hey to the forum..had to share my love of the new bass ale draught cans...probably the best beer you could ever have at your house unless you have a built in bar...great flavor to blend with a nice cigar
  7. A

    Great Beers

    Well, I've popped open my first Chimay Blue Ale. Man, this thing is full of flavor. A couple of months ago, South Carolina lifted it's archaic law that only allowed beers with 5% alcohol or lower to be sold in the state. This Chimay is the first of the "new" beers that I've tried since the law...
  8. C

    What a great day

    Yesterday was a fantastic cigar day!! A new shop opened in Clearwater, Smokers Den on US 19 and they had a great grand opening. I was the lucky winner of a new Cuban Crafters display humidor. It was the perfect time as I was beginning to look at humidors this week because I had outgrown mine...
  9. G

    Great Scott! Fired for smoking on his own time..

    A Buzzards Bay man peed into a cup and lost his job when the Scott Co. discovered he’d been inhaling more than the chemicals he sprayed on lawns - he was allegedly smoking cigarettes - according to a lawsuit he filed. They’re irrefutably doing things that harm themselves
  10. H

    just thought id share about a great night i had

    and yes, its 3:00 am and i've had a bit to drink first, went to teatro goldoni which is a fantastic restaurant in d.c. which serves italian food in the venetian tradition, my fiancees freind works there and we got HOOKED up, prolly near a $200+ bill for 75 bux, food was fantastic, had a...
  11. S

    Great zippo deal

    Just thought I would pass this on.......I bought this deal from these people about a month ago and it works great...its a zippo lighter with the jet lighter insert also includeds the regular fuel insert as well ... B:DS:US:28 Stick
  12. P

    Its gonna be a great night

    Hey Cig lovers, well I broke down and bought season 4 of 24, so it looks as if I'll have to make a celebration out of it. Plans : Steak (ribeye) with garlic salt rub in Baked potato (I almost had a D. Quayle moment)...
  13. W

    A Great Day

    Well yesterday was a great day for me. For starters is was my last day of work before vacation and that in itself was great. Than I had to do an estimate for the services that I provide and the guy I was dealing with is a cigar smoker and after sealing the deal we started talking about cigars...
  14. T

    Light one up in memory of a great man.

    Smoke one for a great 80 year old man named JT Neely from Tupelo, MS. He is a wonderful father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He is known as Pop not only to his family but to the whole city of Tupelo. Not only did he do everything he could for his family, but he played a major part...
  15. S

    Great Oklahoma Sitdown

    I'm putting together a cigar sitdown here in Norman in mid to late April. We have a new bar opening up to comply with the new smoking regulations, and we're throwing this as part of their grand opening. I'm doing my best to solicit donations from retailers (both local and online), though it's...
  16. F

    You guys ( and Girl ) are great!

    I am so glad this forum found me, or, well whatever. It's so much fun to pursue this hobby with you all. I have been here a short time and I have learned so much. I am having Septoplasy surgury on Thursday. I have had Sinusitis all my life and it is now time to have my septum straightend and put...
  17. J

    Great News

    My brother in law just arrived home for some well deserved R&R from Iraq. Hes got 2 weeks before he heads back to finish his 2nd tour. Hes with the 82nd Airborne.
  18. R

    I have a great wife!

    Ok so today is my B-day and my wife got out of bed early while I was sleeping and surprized me with a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and bacon. She also had got me a gift I have been wanting, but wasn't buying for myself. It may not seam like much, but to me it means a whole lot. Cheers Martin
  19. T

    Great New England Sit Down

    Will take place Saturday, March 4, 2006. Churchills Lounge 40 North St Boston Any and all are invited, no permission slips needed!
  20. G

    Isn’t it great to have cheap tastes!

    I just lit up a Cusano C2, you see cheap taste. No big deal I hear you say, however I live in the UK and therefore have easy access to many more expensive Cuban alternatives to my C2. In fact I have to Get the C2 shipped here and run the customs gauntlet with every order rather than simply smoke...