1. GrouchoM

    Woodchuck Hard Apple cider

    I'm a cider guy. I had Woodchuck Hard Apple cider "Amber" made from red apples.
  2. L

    learned a lesson the hard way

    Well I learned a lesson the hardway tonight. I had taken my humi to my parents house with me for the 2+ weeks I was there and had my oasis running on batteries. After being home a few days I checked the oasis and it said it was low on water. I filled it up and I knew that it was filled just...
  3. R

    So hard to wait!

    I am switching insurence and need a check over. This really sucks because I can't smoke cigars. I have had so many perfect times to smoke a gar. I also have so many in my box I want to smoke.
  4. R

    Cigar.com just makes it so hard to order from!

    Not. I saw the post from Alex about the El Cobre and by the time I was able to order I had to leave work 5:00 PST. I sent Tim an email and to my surprize he answered it that night. Man Alex must be cracking the whip. Any ways Tim responded saying I was all set. Thanks Tim for taking care...
  5. F

    The return from Hard Drive heck

    Yeppers my hard drive took a big uh, how do I say this, Excrim, no that won't do, poo, no that's not it, uh, made a doo doo alright! :shock: Geezz harder than I thought. :? Anyway, $200 later and after re-loading and re-setting and re-swearing and headache and cold beer and many cigars, I'm...
  6. D

    Hard Cigars

    Havent been home in a while but lookin ghtrought my humi some of my cigars have gotten hard does this mean they are drying out they dont have that little softness they used to ( i am using cigar oasis)
  7. M

    Never Laughed So Hard In My Life

    As an avid hunter and red meat lover I tend to find this hilarious as they totally pull a prank over on a member from PETA. Soon there will be a bunch of people making an organization called People for the Ethical Treatment of PETA, or PETPETA This show cracks me up. It is called Scare...
  8. B

    This was a very hard decision. . . .

    Nonetheless, it was time to make one. Where to put a delightful find, The Classic Cask Single Batch 20 year old bourbon in my Top 25? After the second tasting, there was no doubt it was solidly, and surprisingly, going to make the Top Five, but where? And after the fourth tasting, there was...