1. GrouchoM

    My city may hate good cheap cigars...maybe?

    This is for Houston based members (but would love to see if other areas can relate?) After receiving a Vegas 5 Gold as a good recomendation for a good inexpensive smoke. I thought I would definitely add this stick to my list of buys, but on further reflection I concluded that my B&M and most...
  2. A


    I found a second tobacco store in this town, and went by there today. Once again, just like the other place, 3 pipes, all the quality of a lego block, and 99 differant styles of bong and crack pipe. I think I could get fired just for being IN there! I hate a place that advertises tobacco, but...
  3. D

    Is it okay that I hate box pressed cigars?

    I mean, I don't want to be so narrow minded, especially since some great sticks are box-pressed, but I just don't enjoy the shape for some reason. Anyone else out there with me???
  4. G

    Candelas - Love or Hate Them?

    [/b]Camacho Candela... I stopped by my cigar shop as I do every payday, and was surprised to see a candela! And priced at $5, too! I included that with an Acid Nasty & a CAO Brazilia. I mentioned to the owner that the 1st cigar I smoked from the box he sold me last payday (La Fontana...