1. P

    New opus x holiday collection box

    I have the New Opus X Holiday Collection Box listed in the classifieds section. PM if interested.
  2. C

    Holiday Pass

    OK DL I am going to give this place another shot because you asked nice. If Rob comes o. We can keep the pass that was started today on here. Smokes are on way to Pebble boy and shod be there by Thursday. Again this is a blind box pass. Only post your takes not your putts
  3. biggeek69

    A. Fuente 2007 Holiday Collection

    Santa's gift to Santa... :D
  4. L

    Whippany Holiday Smoke

    Anyone interested in meeting up at the JR in Whippany NJ? I was thinking sometime over the week of the 18th. If you haven't been there they have a pretty nice cigar bar.
  5. K

    Christmas (Holiday) Mystery Gift Exchange

    Hey Folks...we had this last year (also a Thanksgiving exchange but I think one might be better) - would anybody be interested in this? I will organize it if there is enough folks who want to do it. Basically, everyone submits their name to me who wants to exchange gifts (cigars...
  6. M

    Macallans Holiday Contest 2005

    Well fresh off a seemingly impossible Castle Crest Contest, it put me in the mood for one of my own. The prize will be none other then one of the rarest cigars in my collection. But someone is going to have to guess what the cigar is. Same deal as CC. 3 guesses per day per person, new clue...
  7. C

    Sweet holiday lights display

    Someone has too much time on their hands, but this kicks ass:
  8. K

    Suggestions for Holiday Party

    Every year my business partner and I host a holiday party at our office - usually get 80 to 100 people - good food, wine, etc. This year at his suggestion we are going to have cigars (which was a shock because he doesn't smoke - but he's noticed how much our clients enjoy the sticks.) I am...