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    Moisture Delivery System

    Wet It and Forget It. Imagine Refilling Your Humidor Only Every 6 to 10 Months - Without the Use of Electricity/Batteries, Sponges, Pouches or Beads. HumiFormâ„¢ is a Novel and Patent Pending Moisture Delivery Source for Cigar Humidors. Its Bow Tie Shaped Filament Uniformly Distributes Water...
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    Aztec Clay Humidifier

    I remember my first humidor in the 1970's it had an aztec clay humidifier that looked like a ruler that sat in a slot on the lid. Have not seen these in a long time, wonder what happened to them. Almost all humidors of that era had this type of humidifier. Probably better then foam that comes...
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    Cigar Oasis mod

    I have owned my Cigar Oasis for over two years now. I use it in the coffee table humidor. I decided a couple of months ago to modify the water cartridge and take out the green foam and replace it with the gel (not sure of the correct term atm) stuff that comes in the Xikar humidification jar. I...
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    what humidifier?

    I have a home-made humidor, holding about 250 cigars, that I've been using Moist-n-aire humidifiers in for the past 15 years. It's time to replace the one I have and wonder are there better choices out there. Does anybody have an opinion? Thanks.
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    Diamond Crown Humidifier

    I just received my new humi, a 50 count, It came with a slightly used Diamond Crown Humidifier, cant get much info on this one. It says on the site just to fill it will distilled water and let it go, when its low refill it. For the first fill should I fill it with 50/50 and then after that fill...
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    humidifier for little smokes in tins

    So I'm out and about with my tin of little Gurkhas and I get to thinking, why wouldn't these go dry like any other non-humidified cigar? God knows tins aren't exactly known for their water retentive qualities. But isn't the point of tinned smokes the convenience of casual about town toting...
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    Humidifier Solution

    For those tired of shelling out $8 for a little bottle of 'humidifier solution', you can easily and cheaply make your own. You can buy the Propylene Glycol from a number of sources, but I have included a link to the Chemical Store. All you then need is a small dispenser bottle and a quantity of...
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    Question on leaking humidifier

    Hi all. I'm looking for a little advice. A couple months ago I bought a small round humidifier with the little crystals in it. It was working beautifully up until today, keeping my humidor at a pleasant 68-70%. But today when I went to grab my evening smoke, it was leaking water/glycol all...
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    Humidifier question

    I've got a 150ct humidor with a tray. I have been keeping my beads in the bottom. If I move the beads to the tray on top will rh change in the humidor? or will it remain the same? I just don't want to dry out the cigars on the bottom. thanks
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    humidifier substitute

    hey everybody, i was just wondering... if i need to hold a cigar for a week or two for a friend but don't have a humidifier... how can i keep it fresh... or do i even need to?
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    How to hold humidifier in humidor

    Wanted to know if anyone else has ever found this to be an issue. Within my humidor I have two larger plastic humidifiers that are mounted to the lid. They are mounted using a two piece mounting system. One side is mounted to the lid with back-to-back tape to a metal plate. Then other is...