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    Moisture Delivery System

    Wet It and Forget It. Imagine Refilling Your Humidor Only Every 6 to 10 Months - Without the Use of Electricity/Batteries, Sponges, Pouches or Beads. HumiFormâ„¢ is a Novel and Patent Pending Moisture Delivery Source for Cigar Humidors. Its Bow Tie Shaped Filament Uniformly Distributes Water...
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    Humidity in humidor is always 60%

    Hi everyone. I have a glass humidor with a digital hygrometer. The tempature is usually 73 degrees and the humidity never changes from 60%. Is that fine for my cigars or should I try to get the humidity to 70%?
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    Cigar humidity

    I used hot glue on seals between the glass and wood of my humidor to ensure airtight seal, as well as using vinyl foam tape around the edges of the openings. I have a foam humidifier with PG solution and two preloaded (PG) humistat tubes along with a digital aftermarket hygrometer. I've had...
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    Humidity Problem

    No surprise here, someone with a humidity problem! Well I have a humidor (20, filled), it was properly seasoned, I have a digital hygrometer, and not one but TWO 72 Boveda packs due to the low humidity. Granted, I'm sure the weather has something to do with it, but with the temp at a steady...
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    Humidity Problem!

    I just got my 100 count class top humidor and seasoned it. Placed my humicare humidity jar in with only about 10 cigars I got. My hygrometer at first read 70% which I was happy about but since then every day after the humidity drops about 1% and now it is down to 57%. How do I fix this problem?
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    Humidity trouble in a new humidor

    I purchased a new humidor 2 weeks ago. It has a capacity of 300 cigars. When I received the humidor I filled both sponge humidifiers with a 50/50 solution of distilled water and propylene glycol. I placed both of these inside the humidor to begin seasoning it. I also took the hygrometer and...
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    Frigidor Questions

    I am in the process of building a frigidor from an old wine cooler I have. I have seasoned the unit and brought the humidity up to 65% and the temp is holding between 60F – 66F. The problem I am having is that whenever the cooling system turns on the humidity drops to 45% and as soon as the unit...
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    I posted some time back about how I couldn't understand why my cigars got crunchy while my hygrometers were showing up to 90%. I finally picked up a digital temp/humidity gauge small enough to be useful in even my small humidor. Obviously, my old hygrometers were way off. I'm now fighting to get...
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    Humidity Issues

    I am having issues with all 4 of my humidors. They were sitting comfortably at 65-67% last week and then after the constant rain, they have jumped up to 72%. Is there anything I can do during heavy humidity to keep them from jumping up?
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    Humidity Question

    I know that there are alot of humidity questions going around, and I have one more to add. I have a 150 ct humidor that has been seasoned properly. My hygrometer was salt tested and is off by 11%, so I compensate by adding 11% to the reading. My compensated humidity is holding consistantly at...
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    I have two humidors with about 25-35 cigars in each. At first the humidity was fine staying around 70-75 but has since dropped to about 67. I cant seem to bring either of them back up though. DO you guys have any suggestions? Could if be the temp. of the house? the weather outside?\ Thanks
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    i was having horrible tunneling problems with my smokes. was using the "green sponge" crap that came with my humies and 50/50 solution. the tunneling killed my enjoyment of the smokes. a couple of weeks ago i switched to 65 RH beads and SHAZZAM, my smokes are burning PERFECT! note to every...
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    Active humidity question...

    I picked up a Hydra Electronic Humidifier and I'm curious where some suggested places to put it in a cabinet humdior. Top? Bottom? Middle? I'm using it with some beads as well. David
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    Help humidity low

    My humidity has dropped to around 48 but fluctuates to the upper 50's every once in a while. I have a diamond crown humidifier and its is filled. This just happened all of a sudden. It was working fine before now. Has anyone had this problem or know what to do?
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    Temperature UP!!! Keep Humidity Down??? . . .

    Ahhhhhhhh yes, it's that time of year again, when us folks in the Northeast and many others have already long since begun discussions of our annual dilemma. Yes, that time of year when temperatures, tempers, humidity and pollution levels rise, and our cigars become subject to ever closer...
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    coolerdor humidity question

    Ok this seems weird to me I keep my cooler in the basement b/c it is cooler their in the summer. I try to keep the humidity around 67-68% to obtain this I have had to remove my humidity source.... its been out for more than a month, i open the cooler very often to check and stay around 68%...
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    Humidity question

    Hello all. A newbie and this is my first post here. Is there any danger to using an open container of water to humidify a humidor, other than the obvious issue of the container spilling? I have salt tested my hygrometer at least 6 times over the past month and every time it reads dead on 80%...
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    humidity beads

    Working on my cooler-dor,Im looking at the heartfelt beads. If I bought them by the pound can I just put them in a tupperware container and drill holes in the top? Next question, do you just pour distilled h2o directly to the beads to hydrate them thanks Rodney
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    Humidity can be such a rollercoaster.

    A few months back I switched my humidification from foam to beads. Now Wyoming can get real cold and very dry. Today I noticed my digital hydrometer was showing 61% so I added some distilled h20 to the beads. Sure enfough the humidity went up to a solild 65% a few hours later, perfect. Now...
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    Humidity not going down

    I got a new humidor for xmas, and i followed the directions in preparing it (wiping it down with a sponge a few times, yada yada yada) and it still says about 85% humidity in there. Now, I know that more humidity is better than lack of humidity, but the directions to my humi said after 2-3 days...