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    Forum Pipe,,, Any interest?

    I have come across a few carvers a couple in particular. So I was wondering if there is enough interest in doing a forum pipe. a pipe that would be just made for us, one size and finish. What do you all think? What Price point would we be looking at? I am thinking we could get a real nice...
  2. T

    Southern AZ, Any Interest?

    The weekend is always fun here. Any interes in a sitdown that weekend??
  3. N

    guaging interest in a box split

    I am thinking about buying a box of cigars called Defiance. It's backed by x'kar and rolled by RP. 5% of the proceeds go to helping fight the tobacco legislation that is going around. I haven't ordered a boc yet because it's a little pricey. About 7-8 bucks a stick. It got good reviews from...
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    Gauging Interest

    In another box pass. This one will be Habanos only. The usual rules, no twists Just straight up awesome cigars. you do not need to have many, if you have one trade for one, the only requirement will be that it need to be value for value meaning equal or greater value. I am not looking to get...
  5. C

    Any interest in trading?

    I've recently obtained a number of cigars the past few weeks and wanted to see if anyone would be interested in any trades on a cigar by cigar basis. Acid 1400cc (4) Acid Atom Maduro (4) Acid Kuba Kuba Natural (4) Acid Liquid Natural (4) Astral Beso (5) Avo Domaine #60 (5) CAO...