1. D

    June Specials

  2. G

    City smoking ban passes, kicks in June 1

    The Fort Wayne City Council on Tuesday approved one of the strictest smoking bans across Indiana, prohibiting people from lighting up in almost any indoor workplace. ban prohibits people from smoking in almost any public place
  3. Doc-T

    June 9, 2006 Friday Deal is LIVE! GURKHAS!!!

    OMG!!! :shock: I want! I want! I want! Someone, order this for me and I'll send you the money!
  4. C

    Mid west sit down, June 2006

    Juat talked it over with the wife. This year we will be combining our BBQ with a sit down. We are going to call it a Cigar-B-Q. Maybe this year a pig roast. I plan on sometime in June, possibly in the end. Axe, Calibus, you guys could fly in together and I can pick you up from Metro. Its...
  5. C

    June Newsletter

    The June Newsletter is going to be out today, at some point :wink: Thought this might help those long fridays!!