1. T

    Help with Partagas Black Label - damp basement taste

    Hi there, I am a newbie to this forum. I am stumped by my experience with Partagas Black Label. I bought some a year ago from the Duty Free Shop at Hong Kong International Airport, and found I really liked them. The ones I had burned well and the taste and aromas are so strong and deep. The...
  2. R

    Purofino Blue Label

    Again, another review from 1999. Do these even appear on the market anymore? I have seen their Milenio series, but it seems as if this blend has disappeared altogether. Robusto #2 Purofino Blue Label Robusto 1) Aesthetics: Robustos are a wonderful size, and these are oily examples of...
  3. S

    Partagas Black Label lighting/burn issues

    Gents, I like this cigar, but for the life of me I can't get one to light as easily as I can get another cigar to light. I've been smoking for probably 8 or 9 years so I've got the lighting part down. When I light it, this particular cigar seemingly needs a lot more attention than any other that...
  4. P

    If you've tried the Corojo or Cuban label...

    How strong are they? I'm new to cigars, only had a monte no. 4, romeo y julieta Churchill [ love those, especially the size] and some cohibas, I had a Trinidad too and it was awful, tasted like cigarettes. question is, i love the house blend deals, 50 dollars for 20 churchill's of corojo or...
  5. Doc-T

    Cusano Xclusivo or CI's Gray Label. Any reviewers?

    Looking for anyone who tried these cigars to provide a review. As you well know, I'm a Cusano fan, but haven't found anything on the revamped Xclusivo cigar or CI's Gray Label (Cusano blend). If you have it, smoke it and give us a review. 8) Thanks
  6. P

    corojo label

    How are these doing. I would like to get some feedback before buying a box. I have liked all the CC labels except the purple. any feedback is appreciated. Hue
  7. A

    Holly Corojo... Label

    Not sure if any of you guys have tried the new Corojo Label but I just finished up my 10th Robusto and I must say I think this is my favorite house blend. Full bodied and spicy and distinctly Pepin made. Pepper and leather notes with a chewy and buttery texture and long finish. Very...
  8. B Corojo Label

    So I guess I've been out of the loop too long and I see that there is a new label out, the Corojo Label. Anyone tried these yet? I do enjoy a good Corojo.
  9. D

    CAO Cameroon vs. Cameroon Label

    I smoke a CAO Cameroon last night and loved it. How does the Cameroon label compare to the CAO Cameroon? If they are similar then the house blen will be the way to go. A little easier on the wallet. Any opinions? Thanks Derk
  10. G Cameroon Label

    Okay okay you guys have me hooked! I did an awesome trade for 5 of the corona size and I am down to my last one. but I'm wondering: what everyone's favorite size of the cameroon?
  11. elidog Cuban Label

    I've got a sampler of these on the way. Would anyone here venture to offer any comparisons of this cigar to another they have smoked? I'm looking forward to trying them.
  12. A Cameroon label

    I tried the cuban label sampler and thought they were pretty good. Since they're now on sale, how does the Cameroon label compare in strength and taste. I prefer full flavored cigars. thanks
  13. C Cuban Label

    I would like to try the Cuban label. If anyone would be willing to trade a few let me know. I've got some Montecristo Afrique, Romeo y Julieta Bully, and Padron Ambassador I would trade, or if you like something else let me know.
  14. S

    Partagas Black Label ~Vs~ 5 Vegas Series A

    Hey Everyone I was wondering if anyone can tell me if these are smimliar and whats stronger???????
  15. C cameroon label

    I just ordered a box of these and was wondering if anybody has tried them? Are they any good? I've been reading alot of good things on them, They sound good. I'm watching my spending with x-mas here and thought i'd give them a try. :duh:
  16. H Blue Label and a Shakespeare Stout

    A woman's lifestyle site paired up the Blue Label with Shakespeare Stout.
  17. W

    Partagas Black Label Piramide?

    Alright gang, I think I just found my new favorite smoke. I bought a couple of the Partagas Black Label Piramides and (on the basis of one cigar) I want to order a few pallets. How many boxes to a pallet anyway? The cigar smelled great before I fired her up and it smelled better after I...
  18. C

    Anarchy (private label by Camacho) robusto

    What does this cigar cost???? Anarchy (private label by Camacho) robusto Thanks! CC
  19. B

    camacho private label

    i just found out my local shop has a private label called anarchy that is made by camacho. I will try to get on the island and buy one so i can test it and let you fellas know what it is like. if it turns out to be a cheap diploma i think smoka will need a box.
  20. J

    retailers own label,whats crap?

    been smokin 6 yrs. and am now up to 2/day and would like 3. until now, ive always went to local cigar store and picked out 15 or 20 cigars[all different] and found that usually, 6.00 and up is a good smoke, and all 2.00 cigars get pitched. going online, i can get my same 6 buck cigars for about...