1. elidog


    Fellow mooks I need to know where you guys get those nice little white lables for you cigars? steve
  2. G

    ISO Cuban and Cameroon Labels

    Any one have some of both? I have a variety of cigars to trade so lemme know what you prefer and I will put togeter a package for you. Lemme know!
  3. C

    Quick question about labels

    how can i re-attatch bands that fell off? what kind of glue can i use?
  4. M Labels

    Okay I have tried my best not to talk about these becuas no doubt you guys will think I am biased but now that you know me and know I dont plug any cigars I dont enjoy I have to let loose here. I frickin love these things. I smoked a Cameroon Label with Capt at the bar on Saturday and I think...